Never Forget Never Regret

i have been married for 7yrs now and its a far cry from being happy i did have 2 affairs this is how they started

my hub was and is a nasty man dont desirve me or his daughter we had debt and he never wanted to know and wanted me to deal with it all and one day i saw this nice car pull up on my drive and a very sexy cuite man got out i opend the door and he had come for money as he was a baliff well from that first hello we clicked and got on we went out while hub was at work anyway the sex with him was amazing it was risky out doors in the car in my kitchen we done it all but while i was seeing him i got very close to one of my male freinds and as the second guy came to the house allot as he knew us both it was easier and he would stay over so when hub went work i would go visit him in the spare room and when me and my hub broke up not because of the affairs as he still dont know i ended the affair with the baliff but not with this other guy we had a more emotinal affair but sex was good aswel yea u can judge me on 2 affairs call me wrong stupid a slag whatever u need but if u had my husband u would understand and i do have a very hight sex drive and will or do i regret them ......? no and never will will i do it again .....? yes i would as i love the passion and the risks
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Its your life but if your unhappy why stay with him ? You only have one live so you shuld be happy.