Regret But Enjoy

A few years ago I started to play around on some dating sites. I started talking to a number of women, but one in particular who I agreed to meet for a drink. I drove up there after work, really nervous and thinking that I should not be doing this when i had a loving wife at home, but I told myself it was just a drink and then that would be it.
We met at a small village pub and enjoyed some great conversation and a couple of hours passed really quickly, as it began to get dark I offered to walk her (Katherine) home, her house was not far away and when we got there she asked me in for a drink - initially everything told me not to go in, but I agreed.
Her house was quiet small, but nice, the kids were apparently at their fathers house for the night and we sat on the same sofa drinking and chatting. I could feel nervous butterflies in my stomach, the like of which i have not experienced for years, then in slow motion we moved together, paused and then started to kiss.It felt so right but also so wrong.
Katherine had the most amazing ****, much larger than my wifes and seemed to be a lot more sensitive, sitting on the sofa I reached up her back and unbuttoned her bra. Kathrine leaned over and said "do you want to go upstairs?" She stood up held out her hand and lead me up to her room.
As soon as we were in the door we were liked teenagers again, clothes came flying off, Kathrine lay down on the bed and I went straight to work with my tongue on her ***** - she perfectly shaved and her swollen ***** tasted so good and seemed very tight. Before long her juices erupted into my mouth and she pulled me forwards. I sat across them pinching her nipples as she played and sucked my my **** until I shot a thick load over her face.
Then we **** and ****** and ******.... it was amazing and passionate, she had never had anal sex so I said as a started try this and I worked a couple of fingers in as we ******. Before long I noticed the time, I had to get home or else what would I say to my wife.
As i drove home, I felt so good and yet so bad. I still fantasies about doing it again, but the regret and what it has costs means I never will. I love my wife and this was a huge mistake - the biggest I have ever made.
ukmikeuk ukmikeuk
36-40, M
May 22, 2012