Had An Affair With My Boss

Several years back, I was working for a young married woman. She had a horse ranch where she bread, trained and sold horses. It's not easy getting into the horse business when you don't have any horses. Harder still when you've worked with horses all your life, know how to train horses and try getting a job with someone by telling them you don't own a horse. Anyway, I was working at target as a part time job, trying to find something better when this little sexy brunette walked in looking for this or that. I was all too happy to help. Her name was Heather and she stood all of about 5'2" and had a very slender waist and nice pert breasts. Besides her breasts, I remember he butt the best. It was one of those rocking tight ***** that you see on dancers.

Well, we got to talking about horses and something I said must have peeked her interest because a few days later I was visiting her ranch discussing a possible employment opportunity with her. She had just moved to Texas with her husband and wanted to start up her business. She already had five mares, a stallion, two colts, an no time to train any of them with the other work she had to get the place up and running. Her husband was going to school and spent little time at the ranch to help, so she hired me on the spot, more as an extra hand, than a horse trainer.

First few weeks I spent fixing the barn, cleaning stalls and repairing fence. Nothing terribly hard for what I was being paid, but all together uneventful. In the mornings, around 6 am, I would pull in the drive as Heather's husband was leaving for school and honk my horn. More than anything, it was some that she knew I was there. Heather was never on to come out and help with the choirs and the ranch and I spent most of my work day alone doing this or that. It was great. Knowing what needed to be done and when to do it made it so that Heater never told me what to do and instead of her being my boss, she became my friend and I hers.

Soon, my morning honk became our greeting and she would meet me by the stables with a morning snack. Soon the snack morphed into breakfast inside the house. It was just easier that way, I guess. We enjoyed each others company and spent most of the day laughing as we worked. Around that time, I started helping her train horses and stayed later after work to finish the repairs and cleaning. On some nights, when her husband studied late are school, I would stay for diner and even go to a movie with Heather.

Then something odd happened on morning. That morning I had a doctors opponent. Still, I came over for breakfast as was routine. We ate, talked and laughed. After, I helped wash the dishes. As was normal I patted her shoulders from behind, to say I was leaving. She turned and kissed me. It was a peck on the lips. A peck I suspect a wife gives her husband. The same peck I saw Heather give her husband on occasion. She was quick to laugh it off as it was the natural thing to do with her husband. Thinking nothing of it, I laughed saying her lips were soft and tasted like honey. But that peck is still on my lips today. A soft luscious peck, I have never had the equal of feeling.

That afternoon I returned for the normal course of duties, which I was all too willing to dive into. Stopping the truck at the house as always, I jumped out and went straight for the barn, never thinking to honk as I do in the mornings. I found a saddle and tack near the barn and heard the sound of running water within. This was normal. After a ride, Heather would always wash the horse while leaving the saddle, pad and tack to dry.

To my surprise that day was much different. As I rounded the corner of the shower stall in the barn I saw the slight, very naked form of Heather spraying down bay mare. It was a sight straight from the pages of Playboy. She was washing herself and the horse like she had done it a million times and there was nothing to be timid about. Both mare's were covered in suds, the horse cross tied to the walls, Heather, with hose in hand, rising the horse then herself clean of the bubbles.

I wanted nothing more than to hide and watch this display, but to my discontent, I about chocked on my tongue that I'm sure was hanging out of my mouth and coughed. Must have spooked the hell out of Heather and the horse because both about jumped into the rafters of the stall. Quickly racing from the barn, thinking that soon I would be looking for a new job.

A short time later, Heather appeared with a timid smile, fully dressed, toweling off her hair. She joked that I got a good show and if I liked what I saw.

I bantered back that she should wash the horses like that every day.

She relented that it was easier that way because she didn't have to go inside after to rinse the sweet off.

After that day, Heather wore a bikini under her chaps and t-shirt and would rinse herself and the horse after a ride. Since, I would ride with her I got to watch. Well, not really. While pretending to be busy with this or that, I would glance at her as she sprayed her body clean. Sometimes she noticed my watchful eyes and would play in the water longer than normal, taunting me. She got a kick out of that I'm sure, but if I stopped and stared she would quickly cover up, ending the show. At times I had gotten so hard that I had to run to the bathroom and take care of myself.

Now, it must have been three or four months of working for Heather when I had first got bucked from her stallion. He was a creamello by the name of Casper and was always hot for the mares, rather they were in heat or not. Well, after a good rain we took Casper out with one of his mares. While returning and messing with the gate on horseback, I was bucked right off and into a ditch. Pushing my face from the dark water, I thought Casper was going to trample me to get at the mare. I wouldn't blame him one bit, because I can get that way sometimes. Luckily, Heather was already beating Casper back into the corral as I crawled out of the ditch. I wasn't hurt and in fact laughed it off, but was dirty as all hell.

We took the horses back to the stalls, untacked them and hitched Casper up in the shower. Heather ******** down to her bikini and turned on the hose as I laid out the tack to dry. Before I could get back to work, Heather asked, "Don't you think you should get cleaned up a little."

Now, you see, this wasn't the first time I had been covered in dirt. In fact, several times I had been covered in **** and Heather had said nothing about that. So playing dumb I asked, "What? You want me to ***** down and join ya'll?"

"Well," she said, "I don't want you going anywhere near my house like that." Then she sprayed me with water. It was brisk and cold and I squealed like a little girl, I'm sure.

I was quick to take Heather up on her offer, pulling my shirt off from over my head. Kicking each boot off with the other foot, while unbuckling my jeans. Socks, boxers and all I pushed my way toward Heather as she sprayed water at my chest, laughing like a deviant little school girl. I fought her for the hose and sprayed her down real good. Soon we found each other's lips and I tasted that sweet taste I remembered so well. We fought with each other's scant clothing as I pushed her into the corner of the shower stall, my hands groping at her breast my tongue in her mouth. She dropped my boxers and went to her knees and laughed. My ****, balls and pubic hair was covered in mud. Taking the hose from the floor she sprayed my off and then with shampoo washed me. I was hard as stone after, but she just washed up to my chest, arms and then finished with my legs. All the while I made myself useful. I played with her breasts, fondled her ***** from over her bikini bottoms and grabbed that sweet *** of hers.

After I was clean to her satisfaction, she stood and we kiss longer and harder. With my **** in left her hand, her right arm around my shoulders as I propped her against the wall with a leg up, and her bikini bottoms pulled to the side, she helped me into her tender luscious *****. She was so wet that I went in without effort. Now, you must realize that this was my first experience with a woman unprotected as it were. And there is something to be said about that feeling of the smooth tender inside of a woman around your ****. It didn't take long, as I was so hard and ready, that I pulled out just after the first 10 seconds of thrusting and I nutted all over both our stomachs.

Then came her little dejected little giggle. "Oh, my big boy." She taunted. "That was fast wasn't it?"

Surely, I blushed red at this. There was nothing I could say, it was kind of premature.

"Well, you'll last longer next time." She told me. And I did, but that is another story for another time.

If this is something ya'll liked, let me know and I'll write more.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

Wow! I've never done anything like that...so risqué.

I recommend being a little risque to everyone I know. It was a fun and exciting time in my life.

more to come, I promise.