Is This Cheating?

I ment to say that my husband threw this situation in my face a lot--I spelled threw as through sorry I am a fanatic like that. I also wanted to mention that I dated this guy before a while back and when my husband asked about having a past relationship with this guy I told him I did not because I did not want to hurt him more than he was already hurt.
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4 Responses May 24, 2012

Dating for me is not an affair unless you have physical contact. They say that couple go through such phase. What he doesn't know won't hurt him but if you want the marriage rather than an affair, you should stop dating anyone since it may lead to emotional affair until you get physical due to strong attachment.

no need to hurt others , you did the right thing

you know it kind of funny :) there really are times where it does pay to be truthfull & then theres not :( its like your dammed if you do & dammed if you don;t :(

Yeah, I had a ex that became a very close friend of mine. After I introduced my new GF to this ex, I told her that she was only a friend. This was to avoid any conflict this could arouse. Now, I think I should have told her the truth.