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Shocking Love Affair

I must confess something here that I thought, I would never ever talk about in my life. But I have to admit, I had an affair.

Yes I did, and now I have to live with it for the rest of my life.

Here's my shocking story.....

About two weeks ago, I cheated on my true love...I cheated on Pizza, me and Pizza have been together since we were just both youngsters with a heart of gold.

But two weeks ago, I fell for another...I fell for CheeseSteak, I mean it all happend so fast I couldn't even think what the heck was going on, all I remember was that I was walking by this place, and this wonderful smell was coming out of the building. I happen to walk inside and there was this smell and look of this beautiful yet so damn delicious bread, steak and cheese. I mean god lord in heaven, It was love at first sight and from that day on, I never looked back, me and CheeseSteak meet everyday at lunch time, we usually get a room and spend about 25 to 30 minutes there. Because I don't want Pizza catching us in the act, it might break her heart

I mean, I'm so confused right now, what does one do?....

On one hand, I love Pizza, but on the other I also love CheeseSteak.

I know the day will come when I have to sit down with Pizza and explain myself to her, until then...I have no choice but to carry on this secret love affair with CheeseSteak.

And that's my story.....

LongLiveRockAndRoll LongLiveRockAndRoll 26-30, M 28 Responses Jun 25, 2012

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For the life of me I do not know what is so shocking about your sudden departure from the norm. Monogamy is difficult to maintain in this new world of sexual freedoms and expression.
Women are far more adventurous and aggressive than before and temptation far more difficult to avoid
This penchant will, I can assure you wane, as they all do and you will continue your life with Pizza as you always have. Cheesecake I am sure will move on to a new counter.

would you consider bottoming for a man

LOL. Are you from Philly? CheeseSteak made me laugh!

It's okay, you will find a 'hot dog' soon.

This isn't love. You have love and lust confused. Love wouldn't be deceiving your wife, nor love isn't putting your mistress through pain. I am sorry you're going through this, but are you going to let yourself live a lie, who do you see yourself grow old with. everyone deserves to be happy. only you can decide what you want to do.

Ahahahaha XDD Hoodwinked again~

You got me there! :P

Way too funny! :) Thanks for sharing.


I love CheeseSteak!!! Poor Pizza :(

Don't worry Pizza will be just fine :)

You know if Pizza is broken hearted its her own fault. It is only her pride. I mean how can one person limit themselves to just one taste. It is not natural. Don't beat yourself up. I mean think how excluded from your love Cheesesteak has felt all these years. Why san we all just share and keep on loving?


for both men and women, it is very erotic to feel wanted from 2 woman at the same time, at the same time, it gives you this feeeling of "ME"!! however, staying in this 2 relationship will hurt you more than it will benefit you, it is like a pain killer which its effect will last for few hours.. be honest " despite the fact that i know it feels good "

The beauty is you can have CheeseSteak, Pizza and wait until you try Gyro's. You'll be covered three days a week. In time you can have something different the other three days too.

You cheat! I'm so appalled.....What did pizza ever do to you to deserve such treatment? What, wasn't her crust crispy enough for you? Her cheese not melted just right? Too much meat? Oh the shame of it all......


Maybe he got worried about a "stuffed" crust? lol

lol! you can have the best of both worlds! keep them's not gonna hurt..

lol thanks :)

Hahahaha, what a humor. Food for comfort, RIGHT!


Good lord, that was funny!

Thanks :)

I bet it was yummy as well! ;)

Do you love CheeseSteak or its just lust?

And Pizza, are you with him just for habit? ;)

lol, I luv pizza, cheessteak and lust. :)

You cant have them both. Some day pizza will found out and you will lose him forever! ;)



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You want my honest opinion? Keep this affair short! In the long run it doesn't do you any good: too much cholesterol :))

lol :)

Can't pizza have steak and cheese in it too!?

Yes it can, I just found out not to long ago. Yay for me :)

Lol thats awesome!!! haha


Two words (or is it 3?). CheeseSteak Pizza. <br />
<br />
Mind. Blown. ;)

Whoa, you just blew my mind, I never thought of that before. Interesting....

haha - your mission this week/upcoming weekend. Make one! We've got a few indie pizza places around that make some pretty fantastic specialty pizzas - kind of turned me into a pizza snot.

My mission is to have fun in the sun, and sneak out to see miss cheesesteak again, but now I think I might have to meet this new girl, Miss Pizza Cheesesteak :)

Perhaps you should suggest a menage a trois? Could be.... delicious!

lol :)

I was thinking the same thing LOL

i think you should go for both of them ,hope they don't have problem with each other ha h a ha ha

lol :)

Oh I am so sorry to have to tell you this but....I think I just saw Pizza take off with beer from down the street. She may be looking for a bit more cheese or maybe just suds.....

lol :)

I also love cheese steak and pizza. They both know how I feel and have agreed to let me keep seeing them both, but it was a little hairy when I explained myself to them... I just couldn't go on being secretive with them!

lol, well at least things worked out for the best :p

:) lol


Thanks :)

Hahaha lmfao! Is this like referring to food or a real relationship? Im confused?!

I'm talking about food :p

Oh... :P

Wow, your really screwed bro. Your lucky profiles on this site are ananomous. I was in that situation before. I loved my BMT sub, but one day, my friend introduced me to a chicken breast sub. I mean it just started with small talk, a few looks here and there, then a bite, i knew that **** was gonna hit the fan. Tge affair ended when my bro ordered subway for us and there they were. My bros BMT and my chicken breast. Just tell the truth before they find out. Cause now, i dont have either of them..

Wow, that is some deep stuff there, yeah I know one day I have to tell the truth to Pizza. but until then, the affair must go on. Peace.