Have I Lost My Best Friend.

Hi, Im not sure how to put this. I have just joined EP and not really sure how it works yet.
I met a wonderful girl about 15 years ago. We became very close and our friendship grew an grew. We became best friends and soul mates. We spoke every day sometimes for hours on end. We were always there for each other no matter what. We grew to love each other as best friends an soul mates. I was married and she was widowed.
Then after 10 years of this wonderful friendship we kissed. From that moment untill two months ago we were involved in an affair together. No doubt like all other affairs it had its ups and downs. But overall they were fantastic times.
As I was not willing to leave my marrage she decided to move on and find someone she could have a proper future with. I was devistated when she broke the news to me, I still am. She is now involved with an other and I cant come to terms with it or get over her.
I know we will never get the relationship back again, she is gone for good.
Even though I know I will find it extremly hard to accept someone else in her life, I really really do want her back as my best friend.

Will this ever happen and how do we go about it.
franerben franerben
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Welcome to my world..ur no alone