Mainstream Society Sucks

I hate mainstream society for the most part. By thier standards, I am a demented person, and a sicko, and a sorry person, just because I like to have affairs. I love my wife, but I also LOVE to have affairs. having sex with another maried person is the best too. I think I am addicted to getting extra marital sex. Just something about new ***** that drives me CRAZY!
Rednkfireftr Rednkfireftr
31-35, M
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I am with you, love the feeling of a new **** entering my ***** for the first time. I love my husband with all my heart but I need sex, lots of it!

I feel exactly the same way

Then keep having sex with who ever you want miss witch. Please post the stories of who you are with

How many married ***** besides your life have you had sex with.

Like 7.

7 since your been married?? Dude you need to catch up!! I ****** 11 chicks on the last few weeks. Not counting my 3 regular ladies I have on the side

Have any of those ladies you see ever found out about each other. Sounds like you are **** star man.

Not a pornographic star but it just happens man! I meet them at the gym, when I'm driving at the clubs. I just tell them straight out let's ****! Some of the say no so I move on! to the next. Easy as that !! I'm not a super model. Just a regular guy.

At least you have the memories of those ladies man. Any of them come back for seconds or just a one time deal

So who where these lucky ladies and tell us the stories about them. Did your wife ever find out about any of them

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