Sex With My Amazing Neighbor / Mfm Buddy

For some background see my last story.
My favorite neighbor stopped by Friday night to see if my husband could lend him a hand moving some things around in his home office.
Lucky for me the hubby was out at a movie with the kids and should not be back for at least an hour!
So I offered to lend him a hand :-)
Watching him and helping him do some heavy lifting, got me a bit excited, and I've been wondering what it would be like to make love to him without the husband.
The whole time me were moving things around, I was planning what to do with him and getting hot and wet in the process.
So I made my move!  I walked up to him, and looked deep into his beautiful blue eyes, and began to unbutton his pants.  I dropped to my knees and 1st removed his pants, to my pleasant surprise, his boxers were now covering his erection that was about to poke me in the eye.  I sat him down in his leather  chair and slid myself under his fancy executive desk and started licking his massive ****.  I really had no idea exactly how big it really was until I tried to deep throat it.  It was hopeless, in less than a minute my jaw was hurting from trying to not hurt him with my teeth.  I had my hand around his **** and there was still some space between my mouth and my fingers no matter how hard I tried to get it deeper into my mouth.  Thankfully, after watching me struggle for a little bit, he stood up.  Now his huge balls were hanging in my face and ripe for the pickings lol.. But he stood me up and when he grabbed be just below my *** I let go of his balls and grabbed his **** with one hand as I wrapped my other arm around his neck and my legs around his.  It's been forever since I got picked up and ****** my a man standing, but the transition was flawless.  Except for the fact that I could not exactly relax, and even though I was dropping wet, I started to get sore.  He must have been able to tell, because he sat my *** down on top of the desk and started pumping and hitting all the right spots.  Best of all I can see everything and he making me feel it and 1/2 of his beautiful **** is still exposed,  So I reach down and wrap my hand around it.  The feeling of holding his **** as it pumps me and my fingers hit my labia was amazing and drove me closer to an ******, and apparently he also liked it!  I love seeing it in his face and I can feel it in his ****.  Now I hear his balls smacking the metal on the desk draw,, so I slide closer so I can feel them slap my ***.  That's it, that sent me over the top into an amazing ******.  The 1st single person vaginal ****** I'v had in almost 2 years!  The thought and the amazing O make me giggle with pleasure.  I hop up and feel him spill down my leg,, crap I didn't even realize he came in me,, I was too busy enjoying myself.  Dam I so wanted to suck every last drop out of that amazing ****, but he puts me back on the desk and kneels in front of me, and starts cleaning me up!  Now there is a 1st for me!  And it is so ******* hot, a guy not afraid to taste his own *** in my *****!
And then the party was over!  
My cell phone rang and I instantly knew it was my husband, wondering were I was.

So I'm kind of glad to report I can still ****** with just 1 penis in me!
Now I just need to figure out how to get the vag O working with the husband again!  Faking is getting old!

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This is very hot. Please add me. I am in NJ.

very hot.

Wow ! hot steamy story ! your lover must be hung ! cheers to you for having the big O and for getting a lover to eat his cream pie out of you ! that is so hot !

I love these kind of stories...a woman that knows the amount of leverage/power she has and has the confidence to execute it. Such joy...

great story,just hope hubby doesnt walk out on you! that hot or what...why dont I have neighbors like

Great story summer. Did you answer your phone while he was ******* your brains out. Or did the phone call kill the mood.

That killed it. Good thing I had the heavy lifting excuse, for how out of breath I was. He came walking through the back door seconds too late to see anything :-)

I hope he belived your story about the heavy lifting.When you where get the ******* of your life.So are you still seeing the neighbor or was it that one time.

I'll be seeing him with my husband. See last story

But any more just one on one with him time and with out husband their

Out of respect for my husband I'm really going to try and fight that urge!

you mite fight that urge,but i don't think the neighbor will see that.You have lit a fire under him and he will come after you to break down your walls

I hope you are wrong, there is too much at stake here. Our families / kids spend a lot of time together. Plus it could mess up our 3 Somes. I'm having that what the f have we done feeling.

That feeling is called guilt.Just wait and see what happens. Maybe he would try and get his wife into a foursome with you and your hubby

I don't like sharing lol. Plus she is very traditional. Great person and all but she is having all kinds of health issues, rarely comes out of the house, or does things with the kids. Kind of sad really.

Does sound sad. So she is very traditional,looks like you need to break her out of her shell .

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