I Had My First **** And My Husband Doesn't Know

I am happily married and have never been unfaithful to my husband. I used to model but gave it up to become a mum. I managed to keep my figure and looks and really wanted to get back to work and luckily for me a great opportunity came up that I couldn’t refuse. I got offered a modelling job which involved going to a nice hot country for 2 weeks for a clothing photo shoot and staying in a fantastic villa with the other models (4 other girls and 3 guys). I kept a diary and have put this together from my diary entries.

When we arrived in the morning, the first thing we all did was put on our bikini’s and sunbathe by the pool. All the other girls sunbathed topless, I wasn’t too comfortable in doing so, but didn't want to be the odd one out, so I did as well. Most of the other girls also rolled up their bikinis to show as much skin as possible, 2 of them actually wore G string bikinis, only me and the other two wore a normal style. The three guys to my surprise also wore G strings.

As the villa we were staying in was private, later on in the day, two of the girls and the three guys sunbathed naked; however I was not brave enough to do this in front of 3 strange guys, no matter how gorgeous they were.

The next day the three guys and two of the girls had to go on the first shoot. The rest of us girls sunbathed by the pool again. This time as the guys were not around, the other girls sunbathed naked, and again I didn't want to be the odd one out, and there were no guys around to see me anyway. I have never sunbathed naked before and it was quite a liberating feeling. I sunbathed topless with my husband once on holiday, but that is as far as I have ever gone. I remember my husband phoned and I told him I was sunbathing naked. At first he was a little shocked and jealous I think, as he knew about the male models staying with us. I teased him a bit, but soon told him that they were not there and it was just 3 girls, this probably sent his imagination wild.

It was a really nice day, we had lunch, went swimming a bit, which all felt very liberating walking around naked, it was actually quite exciting and a bit of a turn on. I remember in the early afternoon lying in the perfect sunbathing position on my back, with arms spaced nicely either side of me and just dozing. It must have been maybe ten minutes later that I had a horrible realisation. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary or panic, as I heard the guys walking around and talking, they had come back, I could even feel the shadow of one as he walked by me. I felt so nervous and exposed, my eyes were still closed and I was completely naked, they could see everything while I just lay there. I opened my eyes slowly and turned my head to look around and casually one of the guys gave me a wave, to which I gave him a little wave back. It was too late to cover myself, and I didn't want to look stupid. Just then the girl lying next to me whispered “I didn't hear them come back!”. I turned to her and said “me neither”.

I must admit, lying there naked, knowing 3 guys could see me, was a turn on, and gave me this heart thumping thrill. The sense of nervousness and excitement was really intense, I even became more flushed when guys came close. At one time one of the guys came upto me and asked if I wanted a drink. I could actually feel little clenching muscle spasms between my legs from nerves as I spoke to him.

That evening we all went out to a restaurant and had a really good time and got to know each other better. One of the guys was married, the other two were single, me and another girl were married, one engaged (we all congratulated her), one had a boyfriend and the other girl was still single.

The next morning I dared myself to be the first by the pool and sunbathe naked. It was a sort of thrill to think that I would be the only one naked and all exposed for everybody to see. There was one problem with that idea, I slept in as I love my sleep, then we all had to go on location to a shoot. As the shoot was outside, we had to change infront each other, which soon didn't bother me. During the few breaks on the shoot we chatted a bit more as they were all really nice people.

After the shoot when we got back to the villa, all at once we started racing to the pool, taking clothes off on the way and all jumping in as we were all very sticky as it had been a hot day. We all splashed about and it was only until maybe after ten minutes when one of the girls got out that I realised we were all skinny dipping, something I have never done before, not even by myself, let alone with 7 other people. The girl that got out really nicely picked up everybody else’s clothes and put them in folded piles inside the villa, as she noticed a nasty bug on one of hers from being on the grass.

We stayed by the pool for a bit longer, I remember sitting on the side of the pool with another girl with our feet in the water talking to one of the guys. It doesn't sound like much, but it was the thought that I was sitting there naked talking to a guy who I hardly knew with my naked fanny at touching distance for him. What was also a titillating thrill was how we all walked naked back into the villa to get our clothes and walked around inside naked. If 2 days previously somebody would have told me that I would walk around a villa naked in full view of 4 girls and 3 guys, I would have shunned them as being ridiculous. Some of the girls just put on a T shirt so I did the same, and soon after everybody else did. One of the guys, his T shirt wasn't long enough and of course we all commented and laughed about it, as we all sat round on the patio and decided to stay in and make a barbecue. One of the jokes was that he might accidentally cook something else that was hanging out.

It was a really nice meal, we sat around the table and on the sun loungers eating (we had to use the sun loungers as there were only 6 chairs around the table). Later on we got out the wine and started chatting. The chatting was obviously around the table and two of us would stand or be getting more drinks from the kitchen, the 6 seats were not a problem. One time when I came back from the kitchen, all the seats were taken and one girl was sitting on one of the guy’s lap. One of them offered his seat but I said no and instead he offered me his lap, so I sat on his lap. I felt a bit daring and naughty doing this, sitting on a man's lap who wasn't my husband.  When I sat, my T shirt didn't go under my bum so my bum was touching his legs.  It felt daring because I could feel my naked skin on my bum and fanny touch the naked skin of his leg.

At first I sat sort of on his knees, but it soon got uncomfortable so we both made it a bit easier and I sat back more on his lap. At one time when I moved back I felt his willy sort of touching against my bum cheek. Since I have been with my husband, I have never touched or been touched by another man’s willy and it felt really naughty. I told myself it wasn’t being dishonest as I wasn’t having sex or even kissing him, it was not even intentional and it couldn't be helped.

We all got a bit more drunk and tipsy, and one of the guys wanted to take a shower and went inside and got some shower gel and shampoo. By the pool were two showers next to each other, so he pulled up one girl to shower with him, and she in turn grabbed me. As she did everyone else decided to do it so all 8 of us squeezed under these two showers naked and washing each other’s backs. We were all laughing and splashing each other and two girls started to soap up each others boobs as a joke. I turned to one girl and started doing it to her, pretending it was a turn on, and what really made it funny was the other girl and a guy started soaping up each others. It wasn't done in a sexual way, but as a joke, and the way they were doing it was really funny, it was even funnier when two of the guys started washing each others boobs, pretending it was a turn on. We then decided to try and do a chain, so the left hand rubbing the person on the left’s breast and the right rubbing another person on your right. It was really hard to do, and I had a girl soaping up one of my boobs and one of the guys doing my other. It was as this point that I realised that I was naked in a shower with seven other people, rubbing a girls boob and letting a guy rub one of mine and that maybe my husband would get upset, but I thought that it was too late and if he could see the situation he wouldn't have mind and I wasn't doing anything wrong as we were all just messing about, maybe it was the alcohol making the excuses.

We then tried a few more boob rubbing techniques, which were all pretty stupid, yet funny. Two of the girls then started to try and wash one of the guy's willy. He tried to keep them away so we all joined in as he cupped his hands over himself. The two other guys grabbed him by holding an arm each which pulled away his protection so we all jokingly cleaned his willy. This I assure was not a pleasure for him as we really did pull and tickle. I know it could be seen that I was wanking a guy, but there were 4 other girls there, it was done in jest and he was not enjoying it. The guys and some of the girls fell to the floor so one girl sat on the poor guy in the middle and gave him what can only be described as a very rough, probably not pleasurable, Thai massage, as they were both covered in soap. Me and the other 3 girls then gave the other 2 guys the rough willy wash, two of us with each guy. We then lay them down and did the very rough Thai massage. Thinking back, I was rubbing my soapy and slippery wet body against a stranger's naked body and doing it with another naked girl, probably not something my husband would approve of.  When the girls swapped, we didn't just get up and lightly sit down on the next guy, we leaped and landed on them quite hard, to which they yeld sounds of pain.

After a few minutes we decided the girls should have their bum cheeks cleaned so we all stood in a line under the showers slightly bent over and the guys went along soaping up our bum cheeks. The guys then went along sort of rubbing their willies against us from behind and where obviously starting to get slightly hard. Even though I am married, I didn't really think about stopping or that I had maybe gone a bit far as I had already touched their willies and it was just a harmless game with lots of laughing.

After a few times, I remember that one guy’s willy went between my legs and rubbed against my fanny. My hands where against the shower wall however I let just him carry on as the other girls didn't seem do anything. Not the next guy, but the guy after him, when he did it I felt the tip of his willy rub against the opening of my fanny. At one moment I felt the tip just slightly go inside and then slide out. It was only the tip, it wasn't like he ****** me or anything, just the tip of his willy sort of went in a bit and it was an accident.

The girls then said that they should do Thai massages again, and we promised to do them nicely this time. I remember as we were sort of getting into position, I was looking at the guy who just put the tip in, thinking about what had happened and how I let the tip of his willy sort of go inside me.  I thought to myself that it wasn't sex as the tip doesn't count and it sort of only brushed between the lips of my fanny, it didn't go inside me.  Even so, what had happened I couldn't stop thinking about and could feel myself getting slightly wet at the thought of our near miss.

As the guys lay down on their backs, they were very aroused and we joked by trying to push their willies down. When one girl sat on the guy whose willy sort of entered me, I wanted to be with him so I sat behind her on him on the top of his legs, she then turned around and faced me so her bum kept hitting his chin. We all started to joke around and I turned and saw one girl on one guy who was rubbing up and down him and his willy was rubbing between her fanny lips. The girl sitting facing me did the same but she rubbed more on her bum as she leaned back and I could see his willy getting rubbed between her bum cheeks. She then moved back and I started to rub him, with the shaft of his willy rubbing between my fanny lips. As I was rubbing everyone decided to swap, so we both moved onto the next guy. She went first again she leaned back so I saw his willy rubbing between her bum cheeks again. This time when she moved back she held his willy with her hand and so did I, and slowly we rubbed it together. I don’t know what came over me but we both looked at each other with a smile and kissed on the lips for second. She then said “Your turn”. She was still holding him as I positioned myself above him and before I lowered myself, she started moving his willy backwards and forwards so that the tip was running up and down between my fanny lips. I just stayed there on my knees and as I looked down at her as we kissed again. Again I could feel the tip of his willy just slightly penetrating me, but it was not sex as it was only the tip and not intentional, I kept telling myself. As she moved his willy back and forth, her hand would slide up it and then rub against my fanny. At one point she didn't move her hand back down, she just pushed it against me while she moved his willy back and forth. She then pulled back a bit and I could see that he was licking her fanny as she was sitting on his face. I felt butterflies like never before in my stomach, they were having sex (well sort of) and I was with them.  I was so nervous, my heart was racing, he actually had his tongue inside her.  She then looked at me and said “Are you ready”. I didn’t answer as I wasn’t sure what she meant, but all of a sudden she pushed his willy inside me and he began to push it in and out of me. I was motionless as I was shocked and taken by surprise, and I don't know why but I just leant over and started kissing her again as he slowly pushed his willy deeper and deeper inside me. I then started to move myself up and down on him and then suddenly she said “My turn”. I put my hand beneath me and took his willy out of me, she then leaned back and slid forward as I put his willy inside her. I watched as she held onto his willy as she slowly put it inside her.  I didn't move as I had never seen anybody have sex before, I just watched motionless as with each thrust he put himself deeper inside her. For a moment I then looked around to see what the others were doing. The girl that was engaged and the other married girl didn't want to join in so they both sat on the side watching us, touching themselves. The other girl was riding ontop of one guy while she was giving the other one a *******. The one getting the ******* looked at me and started to walk over. I was trembling with nerves inside for some reason and as he was approaching, I don't know what came over me as I lifted my bum by getting on all fours, giving myself to him as he then knelt down and started ******* me from behind, I just closed my eyes and let it happen, pushing against him with each thrust. When I saw the other girl get off her guy, I slowly pulled my guys **** out from inside me and went over to sit ontop of the other guy. I just wanted him completely inside me as he had only put the tip of his willy in before. As I sat ontop of him, I slowly rubbed his willy against my fanny and then let it slowly sink inside me. As I was ******* him the two girls sitting on the side got up, one joined me with the guy I was *******, the other went over to the others. I didn't watch the other girl but the one with us sat astride the guys face who I was having sex with and at first started kissing my boobs, moving upto my neck and then she started kissing my mouth. I found it hard to concentrate on kissing her, I just remember her tongue in my mouth. I couldn't concentrate on kissing her so I leaned back as I wanted to enjoy the feeling of the guys willy inside me. I leaned back with my eyes closed and my hands on the floor either side of his legs which made his willy rub harder against the inside top of my fanny. I opened my eyes for a second and saw the other girl was now kissing the guy I was *******, so I just shut my eyes and let my head fall back while I continued ******* him. I felt his thumb start to caress the top of my fanny, it felt quite nice the feeling of his **** rubbing quite hard inside me and him rubbing me this way, so I let him carry on. It felt really nice but then felt different, so as I opened my eyes and looked down I saw that the other girl was also rubbing me down there. I was really shocked and couldn't believe what she was doing. Having sex with these guys was naughty enough, but I never in a million years even expected that I would let another girl touch me like that. It felt really good as they both caressed my fanny with his willy inside me. It must have been the realization of what was going on but the ****** muscle spasms started and were so intense they actually hurt. As the feeling lulled down I just let his willy slip out of me and I just flopped sideways onto the ground trying to catch my breath and calm down, my heart was just racing. It must have been a few minutes as I lay there with my eyes closed and just trying to calm down, when one of the girls lay next me and put her hand on my shoulder, asking me if I was OK. With what must have been the biggest smile on my face, I just said “oh my God, wow”, which makes no sense really but we both started giggling. She then said she thought I was crying or something, which didn't really register as I replied “I can't believe what I just did”, to which she replied “me neither”. We both just lay there giggling to each other and talking, when we got up and turned around we saw everyone had stopped and a few people were cuddling each other. I think it exhausted us all.

We were all quite sweaty so we all had a quick wash under the shower, not so sexually charged this time, but quite a lot of caressing. A few people had vanished, I'm not sure where, so I made my way upto my room. As I got to the top of the stairs, the second guy who I had sex with came out of the bathroom. I was a bit embarrassed as I stood there naked, looking at him with an awkward smile and feeling very embarrassed, knowing that I had just had sex with him and others. He took my hand gently and lead me into his room, I kept my head bowed as I was too embarrassed to look at him. He started kissing me and then we fell onto the bed.  He put his hand between my legs, and I let him touch me, being submissive to everything he did, keeping my eyes closed as I was too embarrassed to look at him.  He then subtly slid his willy inside me and with each thrust went deeper inside me.  The sex was brief and after we both rolled over and went to sleep. In the morning when I woke up, I made a quick exit out of the room as spending the night with the one guy made me feel a lot worse than the **** as it felt far more dishonest to my husband.

We all got up a bit late and the fact we where all in such a rush to get ready to get to the shoot, sort of removed any awkward feelings that may have been there. At the shoot I was talking to one of the girls who thanked me. She told me that she was so shocked, as when she looked around last night I was just playing like the rest of them, the next minute I was having sex which then had a knock on effect. She and the other girl saw and sat on the side and watched me, so did the other guy they were with for a bit. The other girl who was sitting on the other guy hadn't noticed what I was doing. It wasn't until the guy who was watching me went over to her and stood by her. She held his willy and she looked round and saw what I was doing and then started to give him a *******. She then proceeded to let the other guy penetrate her. Apparently the girl that put the guy’s willy in me wanted to have sex (truth is we all probably did) but wasn't sure if everyone else would so she put his willy in me to see if at least one other girl was willing. The girl who touched me did it as when I was ******* the guy and she was kissing him, he sort of asked/dared her to do it. We all spoke about what happened the night before, which really cleared the air and gave us loads of anticipation what we would all do when we got back to the villa later...
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This is a follow on to my last experience and what happened next.

When the shoot was over, we all went back to the villa on one of the mini-buses and quickly got changed to go out. As we had to be quick and it was cooler in the night, it was pretty casual with all of us wearing jeans or trousers and simple tops (all long sleeve as it was not that warm at night). We went into town on the same mini-bus as the driver kindly waited outside the villa for us. The villa was quite a long way from town so this was appreciated; however we intended to get some taxis back at the end of the night.

The center of town was not that exciting, a few bars where the locals wouldn’t leave us girls alone, and a few restaurants. We all managed to have a bit of a laugh though and again got a little bit drunk. After a few hours we decided to walk along the promenade, past a few hotels and the odd restaurant. After about half an hour of walking we saw the taxi rank, but decided to stay a bit longer so we headed into a square and sat on some benches infront of a low wall.

We started talking about dares which led to us starting to play a dare game and as anybody who walked past could see us, the dares sort of revolved around that. This mainly consisted of exposing ourselves for a few seconds, which involved holding up your top or a guy pulling their willy out for 10 seconds.

When one girl was sitting with her top pulled up, a couple of locals appeared from nowhere and walked past. This of course made us all laugh and one girl mentioned that she needed to go to the toilet and that we should head back. I needed to go as well and so did another girl so the three of us agreed, however one of the guys dared us to do it there. One of the girls said that there was no way she would pull her jeans down as she would definitely get caught. Another guy then got up off the low wall and made the three of us sit on the wall next to each other, he then sat on the bench facing us and told us “Do it there like that”. We didn’t say anything as we were all a bit shocked, and just looked at each other while the rest looked at us. One of the three said “Are you serious, you want us to wet ourselves”, which caused loads of jeering. The other girl just said “hell I’ll do it”, looked at me and said “come on”, to which I whispered with a giggle “OK”.

We both sat on the wall and looked around to see if anybody was coming, one of the other girls said that it was all clear, so we both pushed and nothing happened, but then suddenly I just felt it gush out. At first nobody noticed as my legs were closed, it was a wet puddle under me that gave it away, but not until after the girl next to me was noticed, as she had opened her legs to do it.

We decided that that we had gone far enough and caught some taxi’s back to the villa. Me and the other girl who wet herself went in the first taxi with one of the guys. When we got back we went to the other girl’s room as she had an en-suite shower. As we got in the guy beckoned us both over, put his arms round us, kissed the other girl on the lips and then me. I then felt his hand rub me as we kissed. The other girl then got onto her knees, opened his jeans and put him in her mouth. He slowly opened my jeans and put his hand inside, I then whispered in his ear “I’ll be right back, I need a wee”, to which he just said “just do it in your jeans again”. The other girl stood up and told me that she had already done it again while we were in the taxi. I felt him put his leg between mine as she started to rub my bum and reach below. This felt so wrong, I was going to wet myself, wee on some guys leg and wee on girls hand as she rubbed me. I have never done watersports, I had thought about weeing on a guy once or twice, but this was real and for some reason the thought of doing this made my heart race, to the point that I could feel it beating.

As he stopped kissing me and moved to her, I rested my head on his shoulder, shut my eyes and just let go. I could feel the warmth soak my knickers and run down my legs, soaking his leg as she rubbed my crotch. It came out with such force that I could hear a sort of whoosh sound in the crotch of my jeans as I wet myself. I could feel the warm wee run down my legs and over my feet, and for some reason that escapes me, it felt amazing.

When I finished I lifted my head and began to kiss him again and suddenly I felt a wet warmth on my tummy that ran over my fanny and down my legs. I wasn’t too happy about it but thought as I did it to him, I let him wee on me. His willy was already out of his jeans and rubbing against my lower belly as it was sandwiched between us. I thought about pulling back, but as he had already started and I had done it to him, I just let him finish.

When he finished he went onto his knees, pulling down my jeans as he went, and then started to lick me. As he did this, the other girl had removed her jeans and was kissing my bum cheeks. I felt both of their hands on my inner thigh and some fingers go inside me, I’m not sure whose. As they both stood up, she then lay on the bed with her legs over the edge and he then told me to get on my knees, turned me around to face her and then bent me over. I put my elbows on the bed either side of her waist as he took me from behind. She raised her pelvis towards my face, however I have never been with a girl or did that before, so I turned my head sideways and felt her fanny touch my cheek. As she lowered herself back down I lowered my head and began to kiss her tummy and the top of her legs. He then pulled his willy out of me, knelt besides me and prompted me to lick her. I didn’t say anything as I was too nervous, I had never done anything like that before, I don’t even like doing it to guys, let alone another girl; he could tell I was nervous. He then kissed me and said that we will do it together.

We both lowered our heads towards her fanny, he put his tongue inside her while I kissed her inner thigh, he then pulled back and kissed me. I could taste her on his lips and tongue; he then said “come on”. We then both moved our heads towards her fanny, he was lower than me, however all I could to was pluck up the courage to give her small kisses there. He then moved away and got onto the bed, putting his willy in her mouth. I remember pulling back my head, watching them while I rubbed her. I then looked at her fanny, my heart started racing, but I thought I had to do it, so I plucked up the courage, lowered my mouth and stuck my tongue inside her. As I did I felt her arch her back, I could taste her fanny as I then opened my mouth more and pushed my tongue against it, licking it as hard as I could while I put two fingers inside her. I then felt him put his willy back inside me as I continued to lick her, this time I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing to her and kept falling away.

He then pulled his willy out of me and pulled me to stand up, pushing me onto the bed and telling me to sit astride her head. I was still throbbing, so I was touching myself and rubbing my breasts as I moved onto her. As I sat astride her head, I felt her raise her head and put her tongue inside me. He put himself inside her as I did small pelvic thrusts over her as she pushed her tongue against me. I had to suddenly stop and roll away from her as the muscles in my crotch tensed with pulses so hard that it hurt. I just lay there catching my breath as each spasm got lighter. After a few moments he lunged ontop of both of us with a cuddle and kisses, we were exhausted and slowly put ourselves under the covers as we went to sleep in a three way cuddle.

Apparently in the taxi home while I was looking out of the window, he had his hand down her jeans when she wet herself again and while she played with his willy.

That was sweet *********. So what happening to the rest of the group while you three where having your fun. That guy and gal where lucky to have you as a lover. have you ever seen them again.

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