I need some outside insight. I believe that advice is something we ask for when we know the answer but wish we didn't. Anyways....

I have been married just over a decade and we have 3 kids.

I have had same sex attractions over the years and kisses here and there. I have met someone within the last few months. I do not plan to leave my husband, nor does she want me to, and she has a boyfriend, too.

I like her and do not want to stop talking to her yet it would be difficult to have her as a friend when we have been physical but have not slept together yet. He would prefer I not talk to her at all. I did tell him when we first met.

I honestly feel everything, on both sides of the decision, all at once. Yes I am married and that will remain yet I want to be with her too and it is not as though I am hiding it. Although he would prefer no contact so that may be the answer?

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Ok I say if ya r happy together n he doesnt want anything to happen stay with him. I was married for 15yr and I decided that I wanted to try something new but now It all fell through. Now I have no husband and no one at all. I am depressed and what to die. So I say if you got something good now dont throw it away on a feeling

I would suggest that you go to a Sex Therapist to work this out.A regular therapist may also work for you.