Odd Woman Out

The moment you heard I was single you put a spell on me and the intensity of magnetism drew us together and all the noise stopped and the shop grew very large. My words were "Would you like to do something sometime?" You said "Yes, like now, coffee, I'm the boss."
Now wasn't good for me but I knew I'd be hearing from you soon. A magical chemistry had just forged between us and I was weak in the knees. I couldn't stop thinking of you and breathlessly awaited your call. You called, you came to my home, you told me your wife had been visiting and just left to go back to Oklahoma and she had said "Why don't you just get a divorce?" I listened, I let you talk about all of her horrible qualities and just get it out. Then, I calmly explained to you that I had been married and divorced 3 times. Obviously, I was better at divorce than marriage and that all 3 husbands had affairs. I made it crystal clear that I would not be involved in an affair and that in order to see me you would have to be getting a divorce. You said you would and 30 minutes later you were making me feel things no man has ever made me feel before.
Magical chemistry or your expert touch?
51-55, F
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

yeah you should keep yourself still open minded & just remember ! theres a LOT of other single guy that may have that so called magic or expert touch :) lol

You guys sound like you are magnetically attracted to each other. Until the divorce though, you should consider limiting yourself from him. Men promise a lot of things they end up not keeping. :/