No Regrets

I have been with 3 other men and I feel fine. I dont feel guitly at all. I feel good. I am young and I deserve some healthy and satisfying sex life. I cant wait to get divorce and be free and single again.
My marriage ended the day my husband was physically violent against me, I have stayed because I am not economically independent yet (I will graduate as a dental hygienist this may) and I cant wait to start the divorce process.
Meanwhile I am not going to sit around frustated anymore.
I will meet with other 2 men in mid january, early february. And I will see one of those 3 men in mid january, I cant wait to see him again.
If my husband find out about it I could pretty well die.
So thankful for EP that i can take this out of my chest.
I dont realy have friends in the USA and I go to my hometown once a year.
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Hey you know what? If he's photic ally abusive you have the right to cheat. Good for you! YOU JUST GO.


I too have no regrets as my sons dad is abusive. Im a woman, i like men. I love sex, i like to be in control. I want attention. Theres nothing wrong with having those feelings. I met a man who understands this way about me. But its not easy, he trips on me sometimes, cant believe a woman likes it as much as a man does.

I am sorry for your situation, do you have a plan to get out? Do you want to? Every woman deserve love, respect, peace. A life without fear. I hope things get better for you.