Needed Attention - Part 2

KC & i have worked together the longest 8 yrs. He was my lead guy & when he became ill, it was sad. I'd have to replace him w another crew guy & possibly hire a new one. KC had friend who needed a job & was recently divorced. I met A & since KC recommended him, it was even better. He was cute, i liked his big arms & he checked me out. Most men do as i've got big chest. KC said, he's good guy, he asked if u were married & i told him no, it was trippy.
Even more trippy, my response like a HS girl, Really?...WTF. i felt butterflies. And i was acting different, wearing more make-up, lower cut blouses. I made excuses to be around him. We flirted, my crew knew, i didnt care hes good worker & I'm the boss. We work late together even wknds & even texting when we werent working. I even introduced him to Z & they got along great.
At home, J was still being abusive. We just argued.he was drunk Tues. thru Sunday. He disgusted me, we hadnt slept together in 9 mos.
It was a Sat in April & J & i had huge fight. Me & Z took off & we went to my office. My sis wasnt home & bf had new baby. I was in my private bathrm crying & Z was in breakrm. I heard voices came out & saw A. He came into my office & closed door. I fell into him & sobbed. He held me & consoled me. We kissed...OMG ive been wanting to do that, i said. He laughed. I started tell him about J but he covered my mouth & said im taking Z to go get food, u get freshened up & we'll talk later, Z needs to know his mom is ok. He was right, i needed to get it together for my son. Then he kissed me tenderly & said there's that smile i love. End part 2
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We're both scared so taking it slow. He truly is better for me. I am blown away how much Z likes him. I guess it's becuz he craves that male attention his dad doesn't give him.

Good to take it slow for the both of you. Just no jumping into bed yet.Yet that come along later

I think A will be good for both you and z. Make him a part of your life and get rid of J