More Than A Fling - Part 3

I went to my Sisters house that night. For so many years, your family or friends get tired of hearing about the fights & their support dwindles becuz you go back. I hate that, it makes me feel bad & stupid. YES, I know I should leave. I REALLY WANT TO!!!!
But Reality is... It takes $ to move & file for child support & And what about him, He won't leave the house. An RO? And how the hell do I work out the school thing, get him picked up when I'm at work. Our routine is he picks him up. Those of you who have men who at least talk about co-parenting ... I'm jealous. It's easier said than done!
Anyway, I left Z with my sis, told her I was going somewhere else. No one knows about A yet. Went to meet A & finally came clean about everything that was going on at home. J's drinking & the abuse. He was a bit shocked. But he was so loving & supportive. We were across the street frm a hotel. (Convenient) I know how much $ he makes, so I paid for the rm that night. It was more than sex, he made me feel beautiful. He's been divorced almost 1 yr. that coming June. And hadn't had sex with anyone. He cheated on his wife & the woman stalked him. His regret was that he hurt his step-daughter. She was the light of his life. Raised her since she was 2. She was 16 when he divorced. - We talked all night & I fell asleep in his arms. (O how I love that man's arms)
I had lots to deal with & he agreed. I planned to stay w my sis for week, I didn't tell J where I was. He was crying 1 min. cursing me the next for leaving & not letting him see his son, like he cared.
That wk I was Boss Lady & tried to focus on work & Z. So I guess A felt like I was ignoring him & I wasn't answering his text msgs. I was even working closely on big project with Matt, my new lead guy.
Friday morning I brought in bagels for the crew so I was a little early, A was there too & he came into my office, "What's wrong?, Your not talking to me?" - tried to explain that have lots on my plate & that "it's OK w me that our night together was a fling." - He said "FLING?!" - Oh crap, I said the WRONG THING. He looked confused & hurt. I thought I'm giving this guy a pass. Hey - he got to screw the boss. To him, It was more than a fling. - I was hoping it would be.
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Tell him you want to go out again and set things straight. Maybe he will understand it wasn't a fling