Turns out he can not keep it up, and he came on his own face and chest!
Not seeing him again.
There are plenty men out there to meet.
rachel2012 rachel2012
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I could satisfy you Rachel


No it was my guy's last name. I just cut it off.

i am glad to know it was not the same, lol

Where are you from

Is Jordan his first or last name because I'm having an affair with a guy whose details are similar. How funny!

That does sound funny. So what is the story about the affair

his first name, what about your jordan? i hope he is not the same

Sounded like that affair end before it even started. Their is more guys out there for you miss rachel

This was the second and last time we spend a night together. I told him that I don't want to see him again, (for other reasons!) and that I will not talk to him again and that I hoped that he didn't talk to me again. There are more men out there.

Good for you miss Rachel. Sorry you wasted your time with him. There is more guys out their for you to find.

i actually miss him :(

You will find another person Rachel. Just take your time and you will find another one.

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