Sammy7000 Is One Sick Man! Watch Out!

So Sammy7000 is a member on here that chooses to go in to forums where people are writing their personal stories, seeking comfort from others and advice and chooses to belittle and berate them. He is a very sick and disturbed individual and if you can get past the fact that he can’t write a legible word for **** then you might know the kind of posts I am talking about. I have reported this individual to the site to remove him as me blocking him doesn’t seem to work. I just wanted to let everyone in this forum know that if you have had to deal with this individual in any him as well. Do not listen to his judgmental banter and do not respond to his posts on your stories. He is sick and he will continue to harass you if you respond. I was sent this message from him today.....if you haven’t read my affair story then read it and you will understand what he is "attempting" to say;

FROM SAMMY7000 2/13/2013:
You wonder why because your a fat as **** and your married to a retard person because any real man would put your nasty *** out. But don't you feel just a let bet bad that your husbands fight for are country and your ******* everything in it lol but not to worry his probably ******* ever ***** in port. And you said something about people killing them self will you probable now I bet after lesson to you half you patients do lol you have do be the world worries concealer I hope you get you license suspend so some people's life will be ok and I hope u feel like **** for ever now you got left because your to fat want a hamburger lol no not real what I would like to see is your husband stay with you till you get far again and then dump your *** for a real wife one that he can trust and takes every you have or what would be cool is if u have a kid and loose it to him in court now that would be really funny so how does it feel to be lift in a hotal Fat *** I would have loved to seen that I would have laugh my *** of at u

You wonder why because your fat and you’re married to a retarded person because any real man would put your nasty *** out. But don't you feel just a little bit bad that your husband fights for our country and your f-ing everything in it lol but not to worry he is probably f-ing everything in port. And you said something about people killing themself well you probably know after giving your lessons to you half you patients lol you have to be the world’s worst counselor. I hope you get your license suspend so some people's life will be ok and I hope u feel like **** forever now because your too fat.....want a hamburger lol what I would like to see is your husband stay with you till you get fat again and then dump your *** for a real wife. One that he can trust and takes everything you have. What would really be cool is if u have a kid and lose it to him in court, now that would be really funny! So how does it feel to be left in a hotel Fat *** I would have loved to see that. I would have laughed my *** off at u!

Well that was my beautiful message I received this morning from SAMMY7000. He is very disturbed and I hope that you will all join me in sending a message to the site encouraging them to remove his account. I know he has told a lot of you off as well…..I know because I have responded to a lot of your posts and encouraged you not to pay attention to his banter. Luckily I am in a good place right now and I am overcoming my depression; however, if I wasn’t a message like this would have done me in…..especially 7 weeks ago when I was at my all-time low. I explained to SAMMY7000 before that I think he is extremely judgmental to people who are trying to just get their story out. Some of these people could be on the verge of committing suicide or can be suffering from severe depression. They come to this site to try to find comfort in others who are going through similar situations. Having someone throw their mistakes in their face and tell them what low life’s they are isn’t right and it’s not helpful. His comments could send someone over the edge and cause them to kill themselves or have a nervous breakdown. I think that it is wrong for him to not allow these people to vent and work out their problems in a safe and non-judgmental place. I luckily am thick skinned and don’t care what or how he has judged me.....but I have seen where people that are barely hanging on get judged by close minded people like him and the next day they put a gun to their head. What he is doing to people by demeaning them and not giving them an opportunity to work through there issues is no more wrong and disgusting then the people who are cheating on their spouses. He has no humanity and empathy and does not realize that people are human and that he is no better or right than anyone else and he does not have a place to judge others when he doesn’t understand what they are going through. I just wanted you to know how sick this individual is and warn you to stay away before he tries to demean and belittle you as well.
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DAMN! That guy is nuts! What a jerk!

Block and report him to EP. He is frustrated with life but that is not your doing so stay clear of him. Sorry you were his target but I am sure he is doing this to others as well. The challenge is to read what the H he is writing.

Cheating is fun as long as it you that doing the cheating. To some cheating hurt insanely and that sound like SAMMY7000. Remember he doesn't know you or how you feel, so flick him off like a little bug or anyone for that matter that judges you they don't know you and how you feel

Gee...wonder why his wife cheated. What an abusive a$$hat. Of course, everything happened in a vacuum and he takes no responsibility for his part.

poor sammy. he sounds insecure about wat life can do him. hehe....

I might give him a taste of his own medicine.


Oh my god! Sammy7000 is such a ****! D=

Just ignore and block the trolls.. lol
Unfortunately, he/them are trying to be the voice of the cheated husband/wife...
Forgive them, they are obsessed...
I cannot judge what goes on in the mind of the person that has been cheated, after having a family with the person they thought they could trust for life, no matter what...
So, as I said, just block them...
We need each other for support and we should just brush them off and carry on.

I concur with your post. He has no regard for anyone's feelings but his own. He puts himself above everyone and thinks he's right...when really, he doesn't know what the heck he's talking about. I can sympathize with him for a second realizing that he must have gone through something traumatic, but when he starts to belittle others for their mistake...I can no longer offer support. I believe he was once, "Johnie" and now I see he is, "Johnny3076", and also "Johnny5188" at the moment! If his new account doesn't work out for him, he may sprout up another one soon, so be on the look out. You can always tell if it's "Johnny" or "Sammy".....just look at the poor sentence structure, and misspelled words.

I blocked this creep a long time you say he is judgemental and his comments demeaning and nasty....I also reported him in the hope that the site would do something......
I am sorry that he is still around and able to hurt and belittle if you are one of his victims report him and hopefully if the site has enough complaints they will block his account !!!!!

I feel your pain. He's nuts!

I had him on my too

He's now come back as jonny. Lol. What a weirdo. Time to email the site again lol

we don't all need a college degree to have good grammar and know how to spell!!!

OMG Hun1.........dying of laughter right now! You took the words right out of my mouth! Love it!

ha ha ha nice one

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