One Sided Love

I'm in love with him but I can never have him.

He's an Indian and I'm a muslim. He's 33 and I'm 22.
He lives with his gf
And I have a bf of 3 years.
All he talks about is sex and all I wana talk to him is about us.
He such a moody **** lol. But I don't no if I love him or not? I really like him and that's it. But he's so sweet and gentle. And I can't stop thinking about him. In a way I want him to love me so I can stop loving him. I can't even have a serious conversation with him.
Sometime he calls me when he's drunk and he's telling me he loves me and I'm a good girl but we can never be together. And when he's sober he says nothing. Lol I don't know does he speak the truth when he's drunk? Oh god I wish I can get over him. It's so hard. I want something more. I want him to love me :( xx
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Excellent cooment

well.. when his intentions are clear.. You better stay away from him...

It's so hard. I hate this. It's like I don't want him but I do. But I want him to change his attitude towards me. Wish he was sweet and loving and caring :( hate it soo much!

I have been into such situation.. and there's one thing for sure that you can't change his behavior.. even if he changes it won't last long.

Hurts soo much. He's so stubborn. I Hung up on him yet he still never called he's such an ***! But why am I soo hooked up on him? Hate this feeling :( is it love? Or lust??

It's lack of options..

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So how did this affair begin. I would think he being indian and you being muslin would cause some deep heated problems. Is his girlfriend arranged by his parents?

I know exZactly. I don't know what the hell happend. I started my
New job saw him fell in love lol he's beautiful I think I just fancy him. Must be lust. He's gf polish. He's a bit of a rebel he lives with her. His parents don't mind as long as he's settle. Sometime he says things like his parents would love me etc. oh god. I don't know what to do. I don't wana have sex I want him. But I no I. Ant have a future anyway. One day I make
Myself understand the next I'm hopeless.

Get away from that slick willy. Sounds like he is trying to sell you a load of goods.

I find myself saying things when I drink that I feel very deeply about but wouldn't admit if I was sober. My guess is that he does have feelings of love for you but he's already committed himself to his gf. That may be why he's moody, he's torn between the two of you. :)

We have lovely walks in the park. I don't no what to do. This is just getting to much for me to handle. He's one of the manager levels at work so I can't avoid him. It brake my heart. IV fallen so weak for him and he dosnt understand. All he ever talks about is sex. That's all he ever wants. He dosnt love his gf he told me she has a really bad lines on her leg where they collapsed so she's in cruches. When he was drunk he told me that he appreciate her and his stuck in this mess he can't be a bastard and leave her.
I duno how to end it with him he's always getting annoyed with me. I wonder if he'll understand. I want to end it but on good terms. :(

Just say you need time away from him. Sounds like he is just using you for sex.

I just spoke to him on the phone he's so rude has no respect and really mean :( it hurt me to even like a guy like that. How could I ever be so stupid to even like him.

Their are other fish in the sea so to speak. They will treat you with respect weather they are sober or not. Some guys like him are idiots. Just leave him in the dust and find your self a new man. Maybe you will find one at work who will treat you better that that A88hole

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