Booty Call

When I got out of the Army at 25, I started college and was running with a group of friends who liked to have Friday evening barbecues during the nice weather. We discovered we all loved to play volleyball so we gravitated to the one friend who had a yard big enough for us to set up a net. Cheryl and Greg had been married since 19 and he was a commercial fisherman and Cheryl worked as an accountant. She was blond, about 5' 7" and an absolutely beautiful petite body which she tastefully flaunted. 

All summer long we gathered at their house for these parties and we enjoyed each others company so much we expanded to Saturdays where after volleyball, we would all go bar hopping until closing. All my friends were either married or hooked up and they used to tease me about possibly being gay because I was pretty much dateless as long as they had all known me. I would laugh it off, but the truth was I was in school and studying when I wasn't partying with them. 

Towards the end of summer, Greg took off for Alaska to go fish the salmon run and would be gone for about 6 weeks. As Friday approached, it was debated whether we should all gather at Cheryl and Greg's with him gone when Cheryl called everyone on the phone saying "party's on guys, come on over!". It felt a little weird without Greg there but soon we were all getting into the games, good company and mass consumption of adult beverages.

Throughout the evening I couldn't help but notice Cheryl and she was making more than usual eye contact with me also. She was dressed in a white top that was cut just below her navel and every time she made an athletic move on the court she flashed her lacy pink bra. She had her blond ponytail pulled through the back of her white baseball cap, a pair of cute white and pink athletic shoes and her black sport shorts that accentuated the curves of her perfect little bottom completed her outfit. Once after making a spike for a kill at the net for a win, my team all rushed me for high fives and Cheryl and I hugged and she seemed to linger a little longer. I pulled back and looked at her and our eye contact and her smile made my heart flutter. We broke our clench and while walking off the court to retrieve our beers she quietly asked me if I would stay after and help with cleanup. "I would love to" was the wittiest reply I could come up with. How lame was that. 

We ate and sat around a little longer and before the light faded some suggested we get one more game in. Cheryl begged off saying she wanted to get a head start on the cleanup and and I immediately volunteered to help her. While the others made their way to the court, Cheryl and I started picking up. While in the kitchen alone I checked the window to make sure that everyone else was otherwise occupied and once assured of that I turned and grabbed Cheryl by the hand and led her into the other room and to a darkened corner by the stairs. 

We immediately embraced and kissed deeply, our tongues dancing and darting in each others mouths. We broke off and looked into each others eyes. She said in a very low whisper that she was just waiting for Greg to go fishing this summer so she could tell me how much she liked me. "I hate being alone when Greg is gone. I get so lonely." I asked her if she wanted me to stay over and she said "oh I would love it if you would please?". I melted into her arms and kissed her neck and ran my hands down around her round little bum and squeezed her cheeks. She ground her hips into my growing hardness and it was all I could do to keep from baring her treasures right there and plundering her honey pot. 

We reluctantly broke off and returned to cleaning up. Once the dishwasher was loaded and I finished with the last load in the sink by then the last game was over. The group started breaking up and some sat down by the fire pit to finish their beers. Before leaving the kitchen to rejoinin the group on the patio, I told Cheryl that I would make a show of leaving and then come back. To this she smiled wickedly and flashed her beautiful blue eyes at me. "OK sweetie" she said as she slyly grabbed a handful of my ***. 

The survivors after an hour by the fire started to go home and I said I was leaving too. I walked down the driveway with other friends saying goodbyes and got in my car and headed down the road. I pulled into a 7-eleven about 2 miles away from Cheryl's house and went to use the pay phone to call her (this was pre-cellphone days obviously). She answered hello and I said in my sexiest voice, "Please let this be the hottest woman I have ever met in my life." "Get back here NOW" was all she said.

I hopped in my car and drove back as fast as I could without risking a ticket. I parked about a block away and when I got there I walked quickly around the side of the house to the kitchen door, knocked lightly twice, let myself in and locked the door behind me. Most of the lights were out in the house except for one in the front of the house. I followed the shadows to the source and heard a soft, sexy voice say "Nate honey, come quickly, please."

What filled my eyes when I rounded the corner to her bedroom is seared into my eyes still, some 15 years later. The most beautiful woman I have ever known was under the covers and waiting for me. "Hi sweetie, come join me" she said sweetly. I felt a little remorse as she had just denied me the pleasure of taking her clothes off slowly, but I started shedding my clothes and slid into her bed and switched off the light. We melted into each others arms and kissed deeply. I felt her hot naked body press into mine and I became instantly hard. Our first two hours together, the lovemaking was fast and furious and after wards we laid together on wet sheets and cuddled and kissed. 

We fell asleep wrapped in each others arms and awoke Saturday morning to the sun peeking through the shades of the bedroom. I looked at her face still sleeping there and thought to myself that Greg was such a fool to leave a sweet young thing like Cheryl all alone for any length of time. If it were me, I would find another line of work, that's for sure. She rolled closer to me with her eyes half open and said sweetly, "good morning lover". I kissed her deeply and held her tighter. Suddenly the phone rang.

Cheryl rolled over and grabbed the phone at the edge of the bed. "Hello?" she asked in her sleepy voice. "Oh hi honey!" she said and she shot a look at me that meant it could only be Greg. She started talking married couple talk and I got out of bed quietly and made my way to the bathroom. I tried to pee as quietly as possible and didn't flush and returned to her bed. Cheryl was now on all fours with her *** in the air while she talked on the phone. She obviously wanted my **** inside her while she talked to her husband. So I happily obliged.

I went instantly hard at the sight of her beautiful tight *** all high up in the air like that and I moved behind her and moved my hand down to her thighs and she opened her legs for me. I grazed her opening with the tip of my hard **** and felt that she was still extremely wet there. As I slid all the way in she cleared her throat in the phone and said, "oh it's nothing honey, I just feel a little congested this morning". I reached up and took hold of her hips and started pumping away without making any noise if possible. It was the most erotic thing I have ever done in my life. Wifey with her head on the pillow, phone in her ear talking to her husband , *** in the air and her lover pistoning his hard **** in and out of her willing *****. 

We remained lovers for about three years after that day and experimented with just about everything. We tried toys, our first anal experience, flashing and sex in public until I got a job that took me out of the area and the volleyball crowd moved on to other things. Greg never found out and they now have three beautiful daughters and a newly built house. He did quit the fishing and he now is home every night as a good husband should. It was the most memorable and wonderful sex experience that I have ever had and I will never forget her.    

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great story...

Nate, I don't mean to sound so harsh but from one guy to another "You are a complete loser"!!

Thanks ericalee4. I love your things I've read also.<br />
<br />
antiyou, it's all good. I don't expect it to be everyone's cup of tea. You cannot help who you fall in love with and we had known each other as friends for almost a year before becoming intimate. I think that ultimately, we behaved like adults and kept it between just us. This is the first time I have spoken of it since. I thought I was sharing a nice memory from my past.

i dont know, i find it kind of odd that she called you 'lover' that soon, but to each their own. you have the right to fall in love at anytime and with anyone. but i'm sorry, she wanting you to **** her while she spoke to her unknowing husband, thats sad, weird, and very inconsiderate (in my opinion)....i'm not intending for my comment to be offensive in any way....

I have never heard a story about cheating sound so beautiful.