He was fine after one week.

When the cop rudely interrupted our foreplay I was concerned he was going to pull the trigger.. .

He did freak for a few days..
Gave him some space. Without any pressure of when we would meet... Then he was back to himself again.

Finally we go to be together.

It was so good to see him.. I missed "us" so much. I love what we have.

Right now

After being truly satisfied ...

Incredible.. .

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3 Responses Aug 16, 2014

Coppus Interruptus SUCKS. I will never forget that night. In retrospect it was actually quite funny. At the time, not so. Oh she got "hers", me, not so ...

Oh well, it's all in the past now ...

When i was married and having an affair, I was so torn between the two different women. With my lover I had no baggage and the sex was incredible. When I was with my wife I was happy. Yet the demands each would make on me would have my trying to please two people. It was great, when I was with them, but when alone I was torn up as I was in love with them both and eventually one would be very hurt. I Know you are playing with fire and for some it works. After a while they were both gone. What I learned was that trying to please two women keeping them both happy would eventually grow more and more difficult. Oh well just kind of looking back in to see if any thing has changed for you or not and how you were dealing with it all......bc

Good that he didn't freak out, great that he made you happy