So I deactivated my FB page. Big deal for me, I am addicted to FB, but I am 3 days strong now. I did it because MM hasn't unfriended my best friends (who aren't really his friends) and I don't want him seeing me or them tag each other in pics or statuses. I waited until after vacation to do this, so he saw my while vacation through them on FB. I feel want nothing to do with me then you shouldn't see what I am doing through mutual friends on FB. Maybe he isn't looking or doesn't care, maybe he has changed but if he is still the same person he is definitely looking and that annoys the crap out of me!!!
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As mentioned elsewhere here, if you block him he will not see activity related to you. Facebook has become better at making this work. My ex-AP finally went off the deep end (big time) and "blocked" me even thought, we had NC for 7+ months. Well, she broke it, sent a VERY nasty message, THEN blocked me. Anyway it works very well. We have many friends in common and I see none of her activity, which sadly, at this point, is just fine ...

I am always amazed that ppl actually take the risk of adding an AP to their Facebook account!!! What if they get angry or desperate and expose your affair to all on Facebook!!!! It's a crazy risk!!

We were friends (FB and real) way before affair, we are no longer FB friends as he unfriended me after affair was exposed bc he got upset with me going out with mutual friends of ours.

Ask your friends to block him then. If they are really your friends they will!!

Not all of my friends know about the affair, the ones that do know have unfriended him.

There in lies the danger! Better hope he keeps quiet

Well we are all friends prior to the affair, so even though they were my friends before his, we were all FB friends. My husband knows so if everyone else finds out I will take it as it comes....I guess

Well that's all you can do I guess

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Just a thought if you like Facebook just block him.then he can't see anything through friends etc and vis visa

Looking into that

Good plan with FB. Such a waste of time -- like here. One more distraction you don't have to deal with.

I know the answer to what question?