So after three days of not hearing from him I was losing my mind all I kept thinking about should i msg and say something like what?!?! Anyways so I texted after three days he seemed normal made me feel good hearing from him..I think he going ok with his wife I think he thinking he has a good thing and he doesn't wanna fk it up so he goes on the down low with me and cutting contact once he gets sick of it or has a fight or a crap day or the same thing day in day out he starts being all over me, I feel like he's like a drug to me I need a shot every now and again to cool me down and not make me panic what is that called? Can it be love? I'm not sure what it is..I kind of feel sorry for him that he doesn't know what he wants he likes the idea of family but he doesn't like the tide down part of it..i never know what to say to him I have so much I wanna talk to him about and when I do see him I just shut down and not ask a thing so weird..
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You have a loving friendship with him, you're attracted to each other and would have a great time if he were free. Except he's not. You are showing him you don't mind that, that whatever he can give you, you will take. You're communicating to him that you are okay with this kind of relationship. Try and date others when not seeing him, make it a fun thing instead of a relationship you have expectations from...

That's true I never really tll him how I feel I just keep everything to my self and he's the same, my question to my self is mi ok with this kind of relationship? It feels like the only way to have him in my life is to be in this kind relationship..I did date others but I always compared them to him and I was put the moment I'm doing the less contact with him if he contacts me I wll reply if he doesn't thn I should be ok and move on I'm good at bottling my feelings up..but I feel down and I wanna hear from him but I need to be strong

There is no strength that can keep you away from him when you're in love. It's not fair to expect that of yourself. At least be open about how you feel, and the hell with it! Otherwise why are you in this? Make it count. Love him with everything you have so when it's over, you will remember each other well. Or, break it off and tell him to contact you when he's not attached... up to you. Hugs

I love what u say and it makes sense and I thank you for it ur right I need to be more open with him I have done so much for him and the least he can do for me is tll me how he feels what he's feeling not asking for much and I need to be more strong and not think if I open up he wll shut me out (he has a problem shutting people out)..I don't see him much like every 3 months or so this needs to be done face to face

you get the love you think you deserve.

i think you deserve better, you can offer your great love to someone who will love you and will prioritize you and only you! don't settle for this kind of arrangement. i bet you're worth much more than this, girl... go find someone who is worth it of your love and time.

Definitely not love. Someone who loves you will contact you every single day if it is in any way possible

I'm not sure doesn't really matter I guess if it's love or not nothing can come out of it it's better to stay in the unknown I think

Sorry to say that if he is only contacting you when he wants to see you than all you are is a booty call for him, and he gets to have his cake and eat it also by having you and his wife

Funny if we lived in the same city and see him every day or every week I would believe u but I only see him every three months for a day and some times not even that

My bad I thought y'all live in the same town,