I am posting this in it's entirety. It is from "MyRedBike" a blog I admire and follow.

It is titled "Unfulfilled Love"

Theirs was a story as old as time itself. Two souls meant to exist together for eternity but destined to always be apart. Fate, that most evil of witches, decided they should meet but had to live separate lives. It was painful, romantic and cruel.

They promised their hearts to each other knowing full well that their bodies would never walk down the same roads. Connected yet divided. It was a never ending struggle between the calculated logic of the mind and the aching truth of the heart. Depending on the day one side would prevail only for the other to strike back more violently the very next moment. It was a constant with no end in sight for the mental torture.

How could they go on? They had been given lives and had the duty to live them to the fullest. But how was that possible under these circumstances? How much were their lives really worth if they couldn't live them side by side? Only time would be able to answer those questions but probably not in a way they always hoped.

A love unfulfilled is still a love but it is also destined to never reach its full potential. At it is that potential, the question of what could have been, that is the most painful aspect of it. The wondering and imagining of all the possibilities which ultimately are only fantasies.

Maybe their love was only abot to thrive, survive, because it couldn't be fully consumed. Maybe that was its lifeblood. Would it be desperately passionate under different circumstances? That was part of the mystery of this kind of love. And because of fate, no one would ever know.....

To all of us, I know we can all relate to some portion of this unfulfilled love....both the good and the difficult parts. Only when the good continues to weigh more than the difficult, the joy outweighs the heartache, will this live on.

Hugs to all,

pencruz pencruz
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Aug 18, 2014