I took part in a affair with a guy who has made it clear that's All I am I have made the huge steps to move forward from this man and today I go into his place of work he makes himself very visible and needy for my attention what do you do ? I am over him plus the situation why is he trying to get my attention ? I want to move forward..
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Bottom line. You are done and dusted as far as he is concerned. You changed your number, dont go to his work place again, DELETE him from your life and move on. You can always rise above a mistake provided you admit it was a mistake to begin with. J

You're asking why? He wants what he can't have, and he wants it both ways for himself. He has none of your interests at heart, I mean-that's what it sounds like from this short bit of what you've written.

I did also change my number and what not because he is selfish I felt like.. It's not really a long story he is taken I was just getting out of a bad relationship so I am single he is the one that needs to revisit his issues..at this point I do not need his toxic energy anywhere near me also I agree with you it was a rough shopping trip because he was acting so childish he wants me now that it's over

And then what would happen if you said 'okay, let's get back together'...?

You'd be treated nicely probably for a week or maybe a month...but his 'real' life is always going to shove you out.

Seriously I am tired of it he is "happy" but for someone who is happy why do I matter.. Something is not adding up I know I need to let it go..it sucks we are going to see each and I hope it gets easier..

You could threaten him by telling him you'll tell everybody if he doesn't leave you alone...?

Please be careful. It's not that you matter, its his ego that matters only. He wants your attention, yet after you give it it will be the cycling of "pay me attention..." then your just sex"

Be strong and avoid his place of work if you can. Even if you have to drive a little bit further. If you have to go to his place of work, take a strong friend whom will help hold you accountable.

Best of luck to you!

He won't speak to me he just follows me down aisles so far I try to avoid any contact or I was standing by the butter I look over he is right there I would have to talk to him I should make it clear maybe it would help but I get scared I open that door again I try to avoid him at all cost he is not worth my time anymore

Well, maybe in time he'll leave you alone then. It's hard for a man to want to give up something like an FWB or NSA situation, even though it's the smartest thing to do.

I could understand that but he made the choices he did and he has to live with it I am not going to stay this fwb NSA friend for him I get screwed over and I believe if you are not happy he should do something about it using others is never the way to go

I totally agree! You should really shove his face in it and have mass sex with me...that'll teach 'im!

It's a huge change in a week last week he said things were good to now looking like a total **** I think it's changed over a week

Hmmm (tough crowd)...

Where are you from teal?


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