I think I did. I'm not even sure if I am still am! May through to August of being together but not officially, although it ended 7 weeks ago yet we met up twice since then. It's not a proper affair like the others I read of on here. I'm almost jealous in a way you lot get more than I do. I don't get he promises (however broken they are) nor the soppy words. I have however got a few I love yous from a guy who doesn't really do emotion. And when we are together it is pretty much amazing. And when we are not, we are friends. Friends who just happen to txt/email/talk mostly every hour of every day and night. I don't think that's a normal friend thing to do. I also don't want to be his hook up when he needs. I want my best friend back. But ideally, I want him to fall head over heels in love with me. He has a girlfriend. Why can't he just dump her. I'm separating from my husband at the moment. Just want everything to fall into place quicker then what it is. And I've no idea how to get through this without breaking my heart over and over.
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Months of the same old thing, you say. If it's been this long with no changes to be seen, there probably won't be any coming soon. It sounds as if you're with someone who wants it all. It will have to be you who breaks it off, if you want an end to this ride.

I agree with you. I do. But then I am still married and distance is an object so I use those as excuses why he won't commit. It does make sense. If I was in his shoes I would keep both safe and exciting options too! I say I'm the exciting option, I've been around for 3 years with this emotional connection to him (only since may physically tho). So changes are happening. Slowly. I never thought we would even get this far.
Backing off-will it work??

This is going to hurt you badly, but there is no avoiding that now.

Do you think 3 years counts for nothing? I mean girls have come for him and gone and we have remained a constant in each others lives.
I'm already hurt. Because I want things to move forward. But I'm the needy one who gives everything. I don't give him the chance to give. Should I? Is it worth the fight?

FWM, you're in the pre-honeymoon stage of the relationship. There's no fighting at this stage.
PM me if you want to have this discussion in earnest, particularly regarding what 3 years counts for.
The instructions state that I should respond supportively. Since I can't, I'd rather not aire this publicly beyond telling you that these things are painful.

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