I love him..... I wish I didn't, but I do truly love him..... What am I supposed to do with these emotions???!
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If you're both not leaving your marriages, learn to live with the roller coaster that make up affairs. If you're still in the first year of the affair, it's not too late to discuss leaving to be together. It's totally your choice, I've posted a story about 17 reasons why people cheat, find your own reason and work up from there. Good luck :)

It's 2.5. Years already

Time does fly when you're having fun. Then, it's reckoning time... Best to you

zoey3000 did you do it because you were not being satisfied at home
if you are married or is it that you had a need and he was the one to fill
your need at the time .What about his wife how do you think she will feel when she finds out that he has cheated on her and if he done it with you and you breakup their marriage to marry him don't you think
that he might do it again with someone after you are married to him.

I did it because I'm very unhappy at home, and becuAe the marriage is sexless too

I also have no trust, the affair is built on a lack of trust

Just live one day at a time and don't torture yourself by overanalyzing the situation. If you have an unhappy marriage but are getting some satisfaction from the affair just go with the flow. How often do you see your MM? Does your husband suspect anything?

I see the mm once a month usually, and yes my husband suspects because he has seen the name flash on my phone late at night. And I couldn't deny it

Not the affair, but the name on my phone

Does he feel the same about you? Enjoy but remember that affairs are not forever and they hurt.

Yes, well that's what he says.... And he said it first ........
I know nothing will come of it, so what do I do with all these emotions? I'm walking down **** street

Just enjoy. I loved being in love with my first AP, I was really happy. But the pain you have deal with when the affair is finished is unbearable. Still, you get over it and life goes on.


Because I feel good when I'm with him.... He gets me....
Wish we were both single

The average person falls in love 4-5 times in their life, it's natural