My mistress wants to have a baby I'm thinking about it ! I'm i crazy
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First. Be fair to the child.
Second. I was never in this position but some girls will try to trap their man with a pregnancy so if you aren't ready to commit don't do this.
Third. If you are married with kids think about them first. I hope things work out for everybodies best.

Don't add a child to the mix if there is deceit in the relationship. Not worth it.

wise up.

Hell no!!! You are crazy if you do.

My friend had an affair with a married man and asked him to have a baby with her. He agreed and their son is now 3. They broke up and of course he has no time for the child as he has a new family now. My friend keeps asking him to be a dad which he can't do. It's very difficult.
I've had affairs, affairs end, no matter what you're both feeling for each other. Don't do it, it will only cause problems and the child won't have a dad and it doesn't matter that you might be thinking differently at the moment.

Lol what's your wife think about a new baby? Maybe ask your other kids if you have some if they want a new half brother or sister

Don't do it. Think of the child. A child needs a warm nurturing home

No just an idiot

Are you sure you want to have a child with her? What would your future kids think about your relationship you two have?

All the way crazy,, just my advice stay the **** away from that


You're not crazy, you're an idiot. Do the right thing by you wife/fiance. Either knock off the affair or end the marriage. Grow up and be a man for crying out loud, not some punk.

You should give her several, keep her pregnant.

Why don't you do the right thing and be with her first and not stay with the one you're unhappy with?

Maybe you like a complicated life?

I don't at all I'm just scared of the outcome same reason I never left New York for 35 years and my job for 15 and I wanna experience California Never been there live my life like I'm there and the same way I wanna be with her Iam a dreamer


Yes your crazy👎

Do her a favor and stay away from her.
She will thank you in the future.

You call her mistress...
does she know you call her that?

I only called her that so ppl on ep would know that I'm with someone but have someone else it call her queen cause she opened my eyes to a whole new world while my girlfriend / fiancé kills all my dreams and aspirations

you gave your own answer. Now do something about it, but don't make her pregnant if you have nothing to offer.

sorry if this seems harsh but that's a HUGE commitment to make to someone you're not fully commited to. do you have children with your fiancee? if not, why stay if you are seriously considering starting a family with your OW? how would you maintain both relationships physically/emotionally and financially once your child is born? how often could you be present for your child? just think about why both you and she would want to bring a child into this already often complicated situation. no offense intended to your OW, but just bcos she's good for you doesn't necessarily mean she's momma material, i mean, she may be but the fact she wants to put a baby in this picture makes me wonder if she even has a clue what motherhood really entails.

Yes I have two children with my fiancé we been together 14 years my girlfriend came and breathed fresh air into my lungs I'm confused myself as to why she wants to have a child with me but she tells me the love is so real she wants to have a part of me forever even if we can't be together and I believe her

i understand the love involved, truly i do. i have 3 children with my MM. the situation with us is that he left his W 3 months into our affair, and he's always described me the same way you describe your OW:) the love of his life. we decided to start a life together before we started our family, i know it's not a simple thing to do - just leave and start over, but in essence that's what had to happen for us to get where we are. so he's my xMM and now my hubby of 15yrs. he had 2 kids when we met and so did i, and now we have a blended family of 7, it's what we wanted to do together. in fairness, we had no idea how things would work out when we started, but we just worked towards the best possible scenario from a less than ideal beginning. i understand yearning and longing to be with someone, to be a part of their life, it's a lot of emotional stuff to deal with, but at some point logic and clear, decisive thinking has to be used to get to where we really want to be. i'm usually a flexible thinker on most issues, but bringing babies into the world when a relationship is in any kind of limbo is an issue that's affected my life in many ways and i'm understanding of your situation but not pursuaded to change views. i hope you don't find this judgemental, i'm just hoping this might give you a different perspective. anywhoo, i wish you all the best and good luck whatever you decide x

She's 27 and I'm 35 maybe that has something to do with it

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Do as she says.