You got to love cheater that think they can give advice.
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I give very good advice. I just very seldom take it.

What's your good advice how to cheat how to destroy your marriage how to make your spouses feel like ****. That sounds like good advice not.

I was quoting Alice in wonderland actually hahaha! My advice is to protect your heart and try to make decisions that help not hurt other people. I'm no saint. I make a lot of mistakes and I'm in an affair with one of my closest friends husbands sooo I do take my own advice often but that doesn't mean I'm stupid. I know what I'm doing, I take responsibly.

You take responsibility of there friends being destroyed. Question if your husband finds out and kills this guy because when a friend cheats with your wife it's like getting stabbed in the back twice. Are you going to take your shear of it to.

Now that everyone reported and blocked you, I see that you have once again created a new profile.

Pleasestoplying!! I am positive it's him. He's the same age, same ****** spelling, just as bitter, and got blocked and reported by a bunch of us today.

Question surf how's chemo going

It's him and he fell right into the trap. Dickhead!!!


Yeah because his life and wife are so wonderful he has nothing better to do than troll our experiences. There is no current wife, he wouldn't have time for all this. Unless of course she is out getting some from a real man.

Did your husband die yet. And I don't really believe anything you say because your here a lot

My sympathies to your family for destroying them

Woah your a sick little ****** aren't you. You shouldnt say dumb **** like that just because you dont agree with whats going on. You my friend need some serious soul searching.and perhaps some professional help yourself.before you go trying to fix others.

I'm not trying to fix anyone I just want cheaters to see the damage there doing because there cowards.

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