Today i feel ok..just sick of the thoughts of her! I'm never going to have a weekend doing nothing again! I found myself moping, getting emotional, thinking, checking her socail media. The weekend was horrible. Onward and upward, if she wants to forget me and completely stop looking at her whatsapp then i will have to do the same...sigh.
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realizing that and doing it too are not the same things unfortunately... :)
just today i opened her fb profile and found out that she once again changed her privacy settings and i can see most of her posts and photos again.
Don't know why she keeps changing that.. or why i keep checking or why i did it today.. i missed her i guess...

She maybe keeps changing her FB settings cos she knows u will prob be looking, or hopes you will be looking. I do that too, even though I know his W has deleted all their FB profiles. Stupid of me I guess.

she may think whatever she likes and change her settings like 10x a day, and i may very well notice all of them, but she has no way of knowing whether i did or didn't.
I think it's more of her current mood.. she sees something of mine and gets angry (like a photo of my wife and me), decides to cut me off... then she gets more in a good mood or maybe in a state like "i don't care what he does or doesn't see" and changes it back - but it's all her since she has no feedback from me.
in any case - me even thinking about it is, like you said, stupid of me i guess :)
btw, both she and her husband remained fb friends with me, but de-friended my wife.. what's with that? :)

Hmm... Well if she is changing her FB status back and forward, it's cos she cares and is thinking about u. I dunno if that makes a difference or not. I can only imagine that if ur wife has been defriended, it's because ur ex mw is jealous of her and did it in a hissy fit. She'll not defriend u cos she wants to keep that connection however futile, and see what u r up to, and also try and glean stuff about the state of ur marriage.
My ex mm W did stuff like that. She deleted all their FB accounts, business and private. Yet she got some friends to defriend my hub and I but others remain friends. Spies!!!!

Its weird that she doing that without you contacting her, it must be for your benefit! The question is why? Why do they keep us strung along just a little?

i've been doing all kinds of crazy things without her contacting me so i stopped thinking of them as weird.
the weirdest one of all is me still thinking about her motives for doing anything... not like there's a chance of me reestablishing any sort of normal communication with either her or her husband.. but hope is still there. Emotions and reason travel along different railway tracks :)

hehe, i almost got excited for a moment there, when a thought of me kissing her flashed through my mind.. :)

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