My OM's gf found a picture his phone and kicked him out. It was only in a different then pictures on fb in swimsuits....actually mine was less revealing and showed noones face. Ìt was from well over a year ago, and he was not with her then. She is being extremely unreadable...I think if she love him she would believe him and work through it. I feel bad for him...and who knows what she plans for me. Oh well I will accept whatever consequence I may or may not receive. I just don't want to lose my best friend:(
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I want him to be happy... I think she treats him horrible but they have like 30 years history between them:( If she takes him back she will make him choose and cut off all contact with me. She has never trusted him. We had lunch together yesterday and just talked, we are such good friends...I can't lose that. I will always wish for more, but I can't lose him completely. But he won't have a choice, she is a real humdinger. Yet she can do whatever she wants and have as many male friends as she wants and he is supposed to trust her.

I think there are way more issues besides me.

To be fair if she knows the 2 of you are having an affair she's going to make him choose that's if she still wants him.
Having male/female friends is one thing but if your thoughts are always with them and your sleeping together then that's a totally different matter.

My husband would never allow me to remain friend with my lover if I got caught but then I'd not let him know

She doesn't know the level of our relationship, but she hasn't liked me because she has always accused me of liking my OM...even before we ever were anything. She has never trusted him or respected him, she just uses him. If I told he everything she would never ever take him back. But if I bite down and help him get her back I may lose him completely.

I know I have to let him dtermine his path...and that he would never allow me to leave my family. Just am so confused. He had lunch with me 3 consecutive days last week. Says he is just lost and confused...doesn't know if he wants her back or not because this is like the third time she has dumped him in 3 years. Yet she needed his help Friday and he went. They will get back together and they will always have issues. He also doesn't want to have to end our relationship at any level to be with her. I need help:'(

Just because she eliminates me from his life...won't change anything. He will always have memories and still love me. She can never erase the amazing times we have had together and everything I have done for him. You never forget people like that in your life:-) And I will always see him because he is at many of the same functions I am, which is good and bad. We will always ache for each other. We our truly like Romeo and Juliet...a truly real love that s forever forbidden.

Why does he stay with her?
I have many reasons why I do.

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Maybe she senses there is more to it

Aren't you happy wife kicked him out?

I would grab my MM this time...