Affair With Son In Law, Now Pregnant

I have searched all over the web for this situation and I have yet to find anything that remotely correlates.  I lost my job a few months ago and I moved in my eldest daughter and family.  I will admit right here and now that I have always had a crush on her husband and have secretly lusted after him.  I have been divorced for over 15 years and have had very few male companions in my life since then.

When I moved in I took on a motherly type roll in the household and catered to everyone's needs.  My grandchildren, but especially my son in law.  I lusted after him, I seduced him and I entraped him.  One day he was swimming his laps in the pool and I came out in a 2 piece binkini that I purposely selected.  I entered the pool and interrupted his morning routine.  It was from that moment forward that I made my sexuality known to him and faluted myself to him.  A few weeks later we had intercourse for the first time, unprotected with primal lust and passion.  He filled a void that I had been missing for over 15 years.  I felt 25 years old again and gave no thoughts to my daughter or my two grandchildren.

I was not the best mother to begin with, I was pregnant initially at 16 and again at 19.  I was taught that sex was the key to keeping your man happy, which was wrong.  By age 26 I was divorced, alone and competing with my ex-husband who had again married a young bimbo who was now raising my kids.  I experimented with drugs and was very much strung out for 8 years or so until I found god.

The power I held over my son in law was intoxicating.  I was in love with him, we had sex in the pool, in the early hours of the morning trying not to wake anyone and even in his own bed.  At first I was careful and took my pill, but I lapsed on my prescription and missed my period.  I have not told him about this, I haven't told anyone.  I want to abort this baby but I cannot bring myself to this.  I cannot bring myself to admiting the truth to anyone.  I wish I were dead, I wish I had never had these feelings and pushed this issue.  I am pregnant and alone with my daughter's brother or sister inside of me.  I am a monster

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ok i jus read wat some of these plp wrote. look, its gona b hard but no matter wat these plp say, TELL YOUR DAUGHTER N SON IN LAW!!

oh yeah- Good Luck! :)

oh yeah- Good Luck! :) are not a monster. I will agree that you were selfish, low self esteem, a poor excuse for a parent, and irresponsible. But...a monster...we'll leave that for the Hitler types. <br />
<br />
I have to say this...Your role as a parent (this is a lifetime role) it is your responsibility to protect your child...even from YOU. You failed in this sense. That's something you have to deal with. However, we can not protect them from the truth. <br />
<br />
First you must ask you want a relationship with your daughter. I think this will be difficult, but you must start by stopping your selfishness and do the right thing moving forward. What's the RIGHT thing? <br />
<br />
Telling the TRUTH! This is not some little white lie that you can sweep under the table. Plus, as a responsible adult you have to face the consequences of your actions rather than run from them. <br />
<br />
Concern: What's not being said here is the role her husband played. He is not a victim. You only did what he allowed him to do. He is definitely not a loving husband to your daughter b/c he was willing to have sex with you. If he is posing as a loving husband you need to let your daughter know. There's no reason to salvage this marriage. Your daughter needs to know the truth about YOU and the truth about this man she calls her husband. That's the real problem.<br />
<br />
Secondly, you need to sit down and talk to him about you being pregnant. He is now the other parent and should have a say in the welfare of the child. <br />
<br />
Although I don't recommend this route: If you don't have grandchildren by this man and your daughter (you didn't mention any)...well maybe you guys can salvage something from this and the child can have a mother and a father. Don't expect him to be happy about the situation. <br />
<br />
Another question is are there other children involved?<br />
<br />
The baby...well. <br />
<br />
If you need help on whether or not to keep the child (abortion vs adoption). If she has children my vote would be NO. That's just a family dynamic that should never have to happen and now you're involving the children. They'll have to explain that at some point. If she doesn't have children have it...keep it or give it up for adoption. That's pretty much up to you. Either way will be hard...but you made this choice.<br />
<br />
You deserve whatever the outcome is. Be an adult. Take responsibility for your actions. <br />
<br />
It's unfortunate that you made these choices for you and your daughter. <br />
<br />
I wish her the best!! This is not going to be easy. Take care.

Don't end the life of another human being to try and solve your own mistakes. I'm amazed at some of the ruthless and cold people here. You'll regret it for the rest of your life. Stand up and admit your own faults instead of dodging responsibility as so many are doing now in days.

telling your daughter has the definite chance of creating a wound that will not heal.... lets just be real here for a moment! what would that truly accomplish? stopping the affair may be a wise thing to do! and move out asap!<br />
but lets not be so judge mental as she said she seduced the husband he did not pursue her. Perhaps he picked up on the fact that she was lonely and had feelings of being unwanted maybe he just wanted to make her feel better about herself and that was the only way he knew how to do so. things happen in our lives for a reason just learn from your experiences and that is what will truly set you free.

did not think there would be minors....... and such negative judge mental people in this forum. in many cultures this situation would be a typical example of the nuclear family. it was just sex people that's all..... i see the tyranny of the puritans still reign in this country!

i agree with yourlove. since when is this the definition of a nuclear family? instead of her son in law providing her with sexual healing and comfort, if he felt she was lonely and unwanted, i think it would have been better for him to encourage her to get out and about, meet some people or introduced her to some if he was able to. there are better ways he could have helped her instead of sleeping with her.

The truth is that this womans daughter and her grandchildren are the vicims of 2 very selfish people this woman admitted she wanted this to happen and therefore deliberatly hurt her family

so true, cat.

it was just sex......... why must there be such a negative perception of situations involving sex? why not celebrate the fact that a new soul shall enter into to this realm of existence to experience the universal physical experience called life?(with the birth of unborn child) let the individuals involved determine whats right and wrong.perhaps the mom just found her own way to extend the family with a man she trusted because he was already married to her daughter(showing she approved of her daughters choice in mate for procreation).we have reached a point in humanity were we need to find more ways to come together and embrace life's curves and turns.....not finding things to condemn and blame and label each other ultimately keeping us separated........

it's not the sex that's wrong, it's who it occured between that isn't right in my opinion and obviously in the opinions of others who have commented on this story. if you read the earlier posts, she lost the baby and, given the circumstances, it might not have been a bad thing. littlejon found her own way to extend the family with a man she trusted because he was already married to her daughter? hmm, i wonder how her daughter would feel about that? i'm willing to bet she wouldn't approve. call me crazy, but i think most women would feel hurt and betrayed if their mothers and their husbands did this to them, not find reason to celebrate.

many ofthe opinions metioned by others are based on a puritanical, western view of the world, and a one sided view of the bible. why is there so much anger in your response jerrica. I thought this forum was a way for people to openly and honestly express ideas and opinions without malice and without being judged.... if your in such a bad mood perhaps it would be healthier for you to meditate and save your comments for a time when your not so angry...and since when celebrating the miracles of life became a bad thing..

yes, this may be a forum to openly and honestly express ideas and opinions, but i think it's a bit naive to think that you're not going to have people express opposing opinions and everyone is going to agree with you. like i said in a earlier post, when we write something here, we take our chances that there are going to be people who might disagree with us and they have that right as much as we have the right to express ourselves through our stories, confessions, etc. any of my comments on this story weren't necessarily made when i was in a bad mood. the anger i feel comes from the fact that i think the whole situation is wrong, just as you feel others opinions are based on people being puritanical. in a nutshell, we're all entitled to our opinions and i'm not going to try and convince you that yours is wrong and i would hope that you'd afford me the same courtesy.

there's nothing wrong with expessing a difference of opinion..... theres just a more psitive way of doing so....

so says you. you do it your way and i'll do it my way. some situations are so disgusting, like this one, that i don't think i'd be able to express my opinion in a more postitve way.

so dont express it at all who needs negativity... maybe your just disappointed shes getting some and your not

you're probably not getting any either, gimpy lol. anyone that would **** their daughter's hubby is lower than a snake and so are you for condoning this situation.

I wouldn't tell anyone and get that abortion. Think of your grandchildren here. <br />
<br />
And BTW, your not a Monster! **** happens to good people. <br />
<br />
Just don't wreck up your daughters family - get the hell of there immediately.

number 1, i can express myself anytime i get good and ready, just like you are doing. number 2, and most importantly, if i wanted to get some, i wuld have the balls and self respect to get it from someone other than my daughter's husband. instead of fishing in my daughter's pool, i'd go find another pond to get my fish. you seem to think she's done something noble and great here. i think she's pathetic myself. the man shortage isn't so great that a woman can't find another man to ball besides her son in law. but seeing as you're down with that sort of thing, i don't expect you to agree with it.

Wanna move in with me and my wife?

its wrong because it will cause emotional pain to innocent victims if it was not hurting anyone it would not be a problem

I really am torn with what I think you shoud do here. I would want to know if my husband was a lie and a cheat, but if you or him tell her yall had sex then it could **** her up for life. It could effect every relationship she would ever have with another man (speaking in terms if she left her husband). It will make her not trust anyone. You are supposed to be able to trust your mom and dad to be the main people who will never screw you over!!! Man this is so messed up.

This is so wrong on so many levels. How the hell can you<br />
stand there and justify your actions? You have been planning this since day one!<br />
<br />
how could you make such a irresponsilbe decision?By the way don't blame your past for your mistakes.<br />
<br />
I was sexually abused and abandon. Do you see me <br />
molesting children or abandoning my kids, Hell no!<br />
so stop using your past as a victim or a crutch.<br />
<br />
People like you can really screw with a person. I feel<br />
really sorry for your daughter and your unborn child.<br />
<br />
my advice would be get your fricking tubes tied. stop screwing around with people lives!

Jerrica- you go! The guy dissing you showed his true colors and how low he was when he said you weren't getting any and that is why you were so negative. You have taken the high road in life I can tell- and it is so sad we have to call it a 'high road' because the truth is it is simply what is common sense and level headed. We need more people like you in this world.

thank you, duana. i would think most people wouldn't agree with this situation, be they sexually active or not. that particular comment shows a seroius lack of intelligence to me. i guess he figures if people are having sex, they're going to ok any situation. i wouldn't have ok'd something like this when i was having sex every day.

i have sex all the time and i don't agree with a situation like this, so what the gimp says makes no sense to me. only belly crawling snakes would think this is ok.

take a look at the past comments shes not taking any high road, she was expressing herself from a place in her soul the lacks positive energy, and being sexually inactive would most definitely give you a jaded view of anyone elses sexuality because your fustrated with your own lack of sexual activity all of you bitter old prunes go and get professional help instead of coming on ep to condem other people

more wisdom from the gimp and i doubt that a person would be frustrated by anything that they gave up voluntarily. you really ought to know someone's backstory before shooting off your big mouth.

this may come as a surprise to you, caramelkush, but if you look at the last line of my previous comment, i said i wouldn't have been supportive of something like this regardless of sexual activity. if that's so hard for you to believe, then that's your problem not mine. if not agreeing with this kind of situation makes me a bitter old prune, then i'm damned happy to be one. speaking of help, it sounds like YOU may get some benefit from some.

tbc537 your words ring loudly with truth and perception!

you wouldn't recognize truth and perception if it bit you in the *** lol

I'm sorry, but I think you are a selfish woman. And, so is your son-in-law. Neither of you thought of the damage you were doing to others. Perhaps you should just go and never tell anyone what happened. Your daughter and your grand-children would only be devastated. You would be clearing your conscience at their expense. I know you don't want to cause anymore harm. I wish you good luck and ask that you be more careful in your choices.

Honestly, if he cheated on your daughter with YOU, then eventually he would have done it to her with someone else (a cheater is a cheater). But, despite that fact, your daughter more than likely will not see it that way due to the pain she will feel over this and the betrayal by her own mother. I feel very badly for your daughter and grandchildren - you and your son-in-law more than likely just ensured that all 3 of them will require major therapy for quite some time.

tell me what did the innocent baby in your belly do to be senrenced to death? shall it be put to death for your sins? Jesus apparantly already did that. You did something terrible, monstourous,the bolth of you. But you are not a monster. I hope your still not sleeping with the man, if you are, you are not truely sorry. I had an abortion long ago when I was a teenager for what I thought was a good reason and the guilt and shame are still very painful, seems to me you don't need more of that, however you could make a couple who can't have there own child very joyful and happy, make somehing good out of this. Get out of your daughters house! Tell her if you must but either way never be with this man again. That is my advise.

Pardon me I just read the posts and I am sorry that you lost your baby, that is hard regardless of the circumstances of conception for any woman.

Get the baby out. Get yourself another lover. He won't fulfill you in anyway. Do you even love your daugther?

Ceme, befor you recomend to put to death an innocent baby you should know fro previous posts the baby died on its own, im sure the news will make you happy. Again I say im sorry, and I hope things work out for your daughter and her family and you do the right thing for all involved.

I'm sorry for souding to harsh. You're no monster though and I agree with withoutwithin.

You COMPLETELY deserve what's happening to you. I have absolutely NO sympathy for you. I just feel sorry for the unborn child and this daughter that you've betrayed in the worst possible way.<br />
Her husband is also a disgusting bastard.

A monster? No, I don't think so. You made a bad decision, unfortunately, one you will have to live with.<br />
Make an excuse to get away, & get yourself to a women's shelter as far from there as possible. Tell no one. <br />
I feel you must have the child, & if you need to, give him / her up for adoption. You cannot tell you daughter what happened, I feel you would be destroying a family. As for the SIL? Keep him at arm's length, for he is to blame as well.

I think you should come clean. It'll hurt your daughter, yes, but I think she deserves to know what sort of people she has in her life. You and her husband should be ashamed of yourselves, this is totally disgusting behavior and you aren't fit, in my opinion, to raise another child as it sounds to me like you've made bad decisions your entire life and haven't learned a thing. I know you're only human but when you're as old as you are and still can't control yourself, you've crossed the line between making a mistake and just not giving a damn and/or being downright dense.<br />
<br />
Neither of your are trustworthy and this woman might not want people like that polluting the air. Even if you get out, like you should, that guy is still there and if it's not you that he's laying around with, it'll likely be another woman down the road. The trust is broken, even if she doesn't know it yet, and I can't imagine how embarrassing and disgusting it would be for those poor children to know this ever happened, should they ever find out.

dont tell your daughter and abort.<br />
<br />
dont ruin their lives...

dont tell your daughter and abort.<br />
<br />
dont ruin their lives...

dont tell your daughter and abort.<br />
<br />
dont ruin their lives...

dont tell your daughter and abort.<br />
<br />
dont ruin their lives...

I am so naive that I am always amazed by these types of stories. Anything is possible: for good or for nil. I know that in life stuff happens. I am not holier than thou, but I think this is wrong. I understand that you are attracted to your daughter's husband, but he is your daughter's husband. <br />
<br />
I know that I have done things that I am not proud of. I can not judge you. I can judge the actions, and an affair with your son-in-law does not facilitate a happy family and is very selfish. Wow, just wow! I wouldn't even do this to a stranger. <br />
<br />
I think you should tell your daughter, stop the affair, move out. Immediately! Get your own place and your own man to have sex with.

Jerrica! You are amazing. I agree wholeheartedly that this is wrong.<br />
<br />
For the SIL commenting that the sexual experience was intense, I hope your wife found out and has left this situation. You love the sex more than you love her, obviously.

I don't believe the story. <br />
It just has an element that smells fishy to me. <br />
I think it's someone lying looking for attention on the negative side. <br />
Belongs in that guy Springs-something

Okay, I am swallowing my naive words then. I don't believe there is a word to accurately describe these individuals then. Very very despicable and disturbed and void, cruel, narcissist and imbecile. That goes to show that having functioning reproductive systems and using them DOES NOT MAKE A MOTHER OR A FATHER. If she wanted to prey on a lot younger guys, that's sick enough, but her daughters' men???? In some countries she would be CAGED!! I hope I never remotely understand this.

thank you, LH, for your comment but apparently not everyone shares your opinion of me because i don't condone this. watch out ladies. if you don't go for this, you might be accused of being a bitter old prune lol. after all, in the eyes of some people, it was just sex. no need to get all up in arms over it. *rolls eyes* aldabella, love the part about LJ finding god in the son in laws pants! what your mom did to you was pretty lousy too.

Jerrica, Evania, and all other compassionate people with a sense of integrity know that this was not just sex. If the sitution was reversed and their significant others were having just sex with a family member, close friend or stranger, the comments would be completely different. This can not be justified and is very hurtful.

i agree with you but, unfortunately, there is plenty of scum on ep who would be delighted to have their spouse have sex with family, friends, etc and some already do engage in this. beats the hell out of me.

wow this is straight out of a soap opera...<br />
<br />
I'm not sure what to say exactly other then if you found God then this is a pretty damn good time to go to him and pray for some sort of guidance. I'm not here to blame you however, the feeling of loneliness is pretty deep and even the best of us fall. Other then that I can't say much, I'm far too inexperienced to give you advice on what you should do

Hi i read the above story and i realy feel for you. I have a girlfirend and all we think about is sex. Our relationship hardly ever goeas beyond sex and i understand that she has been through alot of faile drelations ships being older than i am thus i understand that the main way she views as being able to hold onto her man or crush is through sex. I really feel for her as is she only knew how much i was willing to take it onto another level and i love her past this she would have any fear of losing me. You are a beautiful smart and compassionate person. Dont listen to what the other fools on this blbog might say you might have made some mistakes in your past my older sister was born when my mom was 18 i know this. i calculated this when i was about 14 but i have never confronted my mother about this coz i love her and i dont care what she has ever done in her past coz she will always be my mom. And i belive that despite the fact that you let your lusts go before your judgement deep down in your heart you love you daughter more than you love yourself and that is all theat matters. I would say that it would be best if it was in your capability to raise the child (if you had the money) that you do so because depite the means that the child would have been consieved through a child is a blessing to this world. You are the mother and you should take respnciblilty and overlook what everybody else is goin to say because it doesnt matter. If you want to change this is the first step. It is going to be painful it is going to be hard but that is the road to redemption its not easy but it is certainly worth it. I feel for you as if you were my own mother. and i hope that i have been of any help. One thing throughout all my challenges in life one person has helped me go through them all. It was at time painful but never the less He always saw me through and i pray that you hold stedfast onto Him. GOD <br />
God bless :-)

I am a child of a totally dysfunctional family in every way shape and form....alcoholism, physical abuse, mental abuse...etc... My parents started having children at 18 or 19. They were completely not suitable parents. They should have not had children to begin with. Prior to me even being conceived, there were major problems in their marriage. <br />
My father constantly cheated on my mom (even when she was pregnant); he was physically abusive toward her, my brother and my sister; he was a drunk; and did not like to work. Their relationship went back and forth, and then they finally got divorced. My dad moved to Florida for five years. He came back to visit my mom, my brother and my sister, who are respectively 7 and 8 years older than me. When he came back for one night, they did the deed, and to their surprise, in 1971, my mom got pregnant with me. Throughout my childhood the abuse persisted to which my mom just turned a blind eye. They omitted some big information from me growing up….they were not married and I thought they were! I only found this out a few years ago. I was very upset, because not only did I have to deal with their **** growing up, I was born in a loveless relationship. <br />
To say the least me, my brother, and sister have paid the price, even into adulthood. I have dealt with depression and seek help with it even now. There were no apologies from my parents to this day. My mom still turns a blind eye, dear-in-the-head-lights look at issues and my dad is still a complete tool. They are ****-ups. The point here is I truly in my heart wish when I was conceived my mom had an abortion. So do yourself a favor, do not tell your daughter, get away from her husband and have an abortion. Forgive yourself, be a good mom, which I believe it is never too late, and I am 37. I also strongly urge you to go into therapy. If you have a therapist and your issues are still there, find a better therapist. I am still pissed because my parents never did the healing they should for themselves and their now adult children.

I'm not even dignifying this with a comment.

Talk to someone.

I don't normally like to judge but I feel no pity for you; only for your daughter. If this story is true, and you are being honest on your profile you're almost 50. That's old enough to know that what you were doing was selfish and immoral. As a mother, the needs and happiness of your child should be fore-most in your mind but you've potentially destroyed both her marriage and her trust in you.<br />
<br />
I know it takes two to tango, but that doesn't make it any better.<br />
<br />
If you truly care about your daughter's happiness they only thing you can really do is move away. Tell her nothing. If you choose to have the baby - tell her it was because of a one night stand with somebody else.<br />
<br />
It's a rough situation, and deep down I really want your daughter to know what kind of a rat both you and her husband are, but if you're too cowardly to do this then lying is the only way to preserve your relationship.<br />
<br />
And, seriously, grow up.

are you so dirt poor that you cannot afford a *****? if yes,well probably you can afford a piece of an eggplant to stuff your demonic *****..<br />
<br /> now you want to be a baby killer huh???<br />
<br />
you are one adulterous and traitor vagina....that is what you are...<br />
<br />
FIX YOUR LIFE OLD VAGINA BIATCH demonic *****....repent to God and get clean before it's too late...<br />
<br />
You don't deserve to be a mother or be a friend of any woman AT ALL............<br />
<br />
You are equal to a DOG sexing ALL PENIS OUT THERE without conscience...<br />
<br />

When I first read your story I was as disgusted as everyone else, however I have read all of the comments posted by people and I think that you've had more than enough abuse to last a life time, so I'm going to be gentle.<br />
<br />
Your were wrong, and for a while you did the worst thing a mother could possibly done, but if you are truely sorry and you have stopped having any kind of sexual relations with your Son-in-law then you can't go through the rest of your life with this guilt, It'll kill you.<br />
<br />
I think that you need to start down the long path of forgiving yourself, it won't be easy and you'll definatly need help but you can't go through the rest of your life with this on your shoulders.<br />
<br />
'Monster' is a strong word and I do not believe that it applies to you, I just think that you acted appallingly, I really am sorry that you lost the baby, that must have been terrible for you. But maybe in the long run it was for the best.<br />
<br />
As for whether or not to tell your daughter, I'm not going to try to give you advice for that. That is an issue for you to decide and noone else.<br />
<br />
I really hope everything works out for you and that you have learnt your lesson and never do anything like this ever again.

you give the word "frienemy" a whole new meaning.

aint that the truth!

You're human dear! I'm not going to deny the fact that this is going to be a tough trail to walk down, but hunny, you are not alone nor did you do this alone. Many others have walked your path. We all make decisions that we later regret. You should just focus on one day at a time. Therapy will tremendously help. Especially one on one with someone. At some point, you many want to tell the man involved what has occured due to both of your actions. This might help, but that's for you to decide. I believe, like any other sin, you'll be forgiven. You need to convince youself of that too so you can continue to live the life you deserve. <br />
Much love and many blessings!!

without a doubt, i'm sure we've all sinned in one way or another. nobody is perfect by any means. i don't know about anyone else who has commented, but what bothers me most about this story is the fact that she purposely set out to sleep with her son in law, her daughters husband. with all of the men in the world, i think she could have found one not so close to home.

found her own man, thats exactly what she should have done.

"nobody is perfect" IS NOT TRUE.....It is written in the Holy Bible that Job and Noah are sinners too but God sees them as PERFECT. HUMANS.........sorry cancergirl20 you are wrong..... people can be sinners yet PERFECT....READ YOUR BIBLE......

perfect or not, this woman had no business creeping behind her daughter's back. that's the issue to me.

You are not the first woman who has done this. Nor is your son in law the first. Both of you were wrong of course. Ask GOD for forgiveness and sin no more. Just like JESUS said let he who is without sin cast the first stone. You do not have to tell your daughter. She probably knows already. However if it is not spoken it will be easier for her to go on.

Keep the baby. It's not the baby's fault .Get a job and move out. Give you purpose to your new baby. That will keep you motivated and focused.

Its been over a year now. Everyone and their kids has had their opinion, some unsound, but few well thought out. None can really hold any water without really knowing all the personallities involved, and any undisclosed back story(s) to the subject.<br />
<br />
But I'm sure, after 1 year, without a peep from the author, much must have completed and concluded.<br />
<br />
Any follow-up for your audience littlejon?

you are not a monster.It happened on a few moments of losing perspective.It is just unfortunate you missed period.But natural desire cannot be regulated and feel anything is beyond human control.what feelings you have felt were secretly felt by him otherwise nothing could have happened.Dont avoid reality.It is most natural for every Son in law to lust for his Mil&Sil.So just do what is required to get out of trouble and be cool

Wow. I think it's hilarious in a sick way that some people write about God in one sentance, and then say "KILL THE BABY" or "ABORT THE KID" in the next. You must be soooooooooooooo holy and know soooooooooooooo much about God!!! I believe though that if God heard you calling out to kill an unborn child and preaching about him in the next breath he might think you rather ignorant. <br />
Weather we humans choose to believe it or not abortion is a SIN just like many other Sins such as coveting the neighbors husband or wife. Why follow one sin with another, stop sinning. Also for all you baby killers out there little john stated in a previous comment that she had a misscarrige so go find someother pregnant woman to convince to be a baby killer. Sorry I am pro choice and all it's every humans right to choose, God himself gave us that right. But killing a baby wether in the wonb or not is a serious sin!!!!

Oh for goodness sake .... let he/she without sin cast the first stone.<br />
<br />
Yes, it was wrong what she did but she didn't force the man to! If he cheated with her, he could cheat with anyone. She IS NOT the only one who should be held accountable here.<br />
<br />
To NOT tell her daughter would be wrong in my opinion, as if her husbnd has done this once, with someone as tabboo as his wifes mother, I'm sure as s*** he can do it again.<br />
<br />
Yes, her daughter will almost definately hate her, yes, she probably DOES deserve that, but why is no judgement being cast on the man here?<br />
<br />
Could she live her life aborting the child & pretending nothing had happened, not telling her daughter, and leting her daughter continue in a marriage full of lies. Which is worse?<br />
<br />
The poor daughter is the only blameless one in this ... the author of this was left 'punished' already by what she did in that she had an unwanted pregnancy ..... did the husband remain free of any concequences here.<br />
<br />
I hope she was big enough to tell her daughter. If you're big enough to screw your daughters husband, you should be big enough to own up to it and deal with the concequences.<br />
<br />
Sin, God blablabla. It ALWAYS has to come down to religion! Get off your religious moral high horses and give some decent advice and not rub your religious beliefs in others faces.<br />
<br />
I sincerely hope that the right thing was done, whatever that may be.

no one needs to know who the father is just say you had a one niter and have the baby, that child may invent something to save the world ,, or who knows,,,

What was the out come of this?

hopefully she got out of her daughter's life and found a man of her own.

That child does not deserve to die because of your mistake. Your daughter deserves the truth, and you deserve whatever she decides about her and her kids relationship with you. You need to give that baby to a loving family and hope he/she never finds out the circumstances of his/her conception. One can only hope this idiot does not seek custody himself. You are going to need therapy and God to deal with your betrayal and you need to find out why you did it so you don't go on hurting others and you need to pray every day that your daughter can heal from this and maybe by some miracle even acknowledge you as her mother again. There is no other option besides the were woman enough to sleep with this DB, now be woman enough to deal with the consequences.

90, if you look back over previous comments, she said she had a miscarriage if there was really a pregnancy at all. i wonder if this whole story wasn't a fabrication myself.

I think the best thing to do is not to punish the innocent parties, your daughter needs to know what type of man she is married to. Your feelings should not matter here, she has a right to know.<br />
<br />
Regarding the baby, you should keep it or consider adopting. You said you wanted to feel young again, I reckon with a new baby you will get this opportunity, a new lease of life. <br />
<br />
Do not punish the innocent victims of this terrible situation - honesty is the best policy. What if you decided to keep the affair a secret and one day your son-in law decided to tell your daughter. I would never take that risk, face up to what you have done

Hey, you already did a lot of nasty stuff in your life, abortion is nothing! Just think of it this way, if you are trying to have a chance to have a more peaceful family life, then you have not much of a choice. You will HAVE to abort the little thing growing inside of you. The reasons?<br />
<br />
Reasons to Have Abortion:<br />
1. You will destroy the family more if everybody finds out about that you've been having an affair within the family. Yes, you will lie, you will be living in lie, but at least the family will have a bit of peace of mind.<br />
<br />
2. Raising the kid means giving it a horrible life. A kid born out of lust, deceit, and dishonor for the family name, what more could ruin a child's psychological mind? It will ask why its family is a wreck, and what will you tell it? Its friends will make fun of it or even harass it. That thing will just be a living poor psychological mess of a creature, tortured everyday by the results of your lustful and deceitful acts.<br />
<br />
3. Damage within the family, some to society. Just imagine, let's say you raised that thing. No matter what happens, there will be negative effects and those effects will be felt harshly by you, by it, by the family, and by the people around each one of you.<br />
<br />
You think you are doing something "good" for once by raising that kid, but that "good" is just a self-satisfying feeling that you need to remove the guilt that you have in your mind. Unfortunately, the results will be far more horrific, the results outweigh this little sense of "good" that you will have for a short time. Soon you will be engulfed by regret, more guilt, and psychological torture by what happens if you were to continue having that kid.<br />
<br />
Do not worry, you can still have a little feeling of satisfaction, with better results. It's not perfect, but if you abort the little thing in your womb, you can act out as if nothing ever happened between you and the man, make up a story of why you were away for some time, and the negative impact to your family and friends will be minimal at worst.<br />
<br />
In Summary....<br />
<br />
Have It VS Abort It<br />
<br />
Raise It:<br />
1. Wreck family<br />
2. Child faces negative results of the situation daily.<br />
3. You are psychologically tortured about your own life.<br />
4. Society will treat you bad, no matter what they say.<br />
<br />
Abort It:<br />
1. Possible chance to save family from being destroyed.<br />
2. If affair is not found out, family will continue living "normally" and might have a chance to improve.<br />
3. Society will not care about you and turn its attention to something/someone else who have revealed themselves to the public as "morally ob<x>jectionable".<br />
4. Your conscience, even if it might not be at peace, will be at better health than what it would have been if you raised the child, wrecked the family, and you get shunned by the world.<br />
<br />
May good fortunes be with you, and please think LOGICALLY, not emotionally!

What is with all of the put it up for adoption bullshit being thrown here. As a population we are already out of control, all we need is another unfit mother to bring another child into the world with her tainted DNA. Abort the child.<br />
On the side of everyone saying how bad the husband is, ever think about how bad the wife is at keeping a man satisfied? <br />
Teach your daughter how to work, abort the parasite growing inside you and move on with your life.

What a *****

Well, you're nothing if not consistent. From what you say, the only person who has ever mattered to you was you. To be fair, your son in law knew what he was doing was wrong too. Now the two of you have destroyed your daughter's life and your grandchildren's lives as they were. That's because things like this never stay a secret. Your daughter probably noticed the extra attention you gave to her husband and just didn't want to believe it could mean what it did. You need to get out of their lives, no matter what you decide about the pregnancy. I'm guessing you felt you were in competition with your daughter sexually. It was completely inappropriate. If you joined the church for forgiveness, then bear in mind that you needed to stop doing the things you needed forgiveness for. It's not a get out of jail free card.

Oh wow I can't believe you found supporters on this. I almost hurt myself laughing at some of the responses about you are not a monster you just made bad choices. No take it from me you ARE a horrible person, he IS a horrible person and you should both be ashamed of yourselves. You've destroyed lives and hurt people all because you were a little wet in your pants. You are scum. He is scum, and I feel terrible for your daughter and her two children. They are the victims in this so all these posts about poor you and him just made bad choices are just a lie. You two deserve the worst to happen to you. Scum.

Perhaps, before anything, or it's too late, you should reflect on your life one more time and walk in front of a moving train. Sack chasing leech with boobs is all you are. made it to with this. If I were you, abort that baby, dont say a word or you WILL destroy any relationship you have with your daughter, grandkids and anyone else you care about. Thats just my opinion.

This story is as fake as Pam Anderson's boobs...the only thing missing is an opening line of <br />
<br />
Dear Penthouse, <br />
<br />
I never thought this would happen to me....<br />
<br />
you guys need to get a hobby.....

Yes, you are a monster. You are a vile, filthy *****. You are repugnant to all that is good and decent in this world. The fact that you live and breath the same air as other humans proves that there is not a God, as no loving God would allow something as heinous as you to exist anywhere but the foulest pits of hell. And that bastard in your belly, the spawn of your debauchery will probably be born deformed and retarded. <br />
<br />
Your only recourse at this time is to run, not walk, to the nearest abortion clinic and have them yank that bloodly lump of shame from your wrinkled, desperate and STD infected ****. Tell them to burn the remains, feed the ashes to pigs, then kill the pigs, burn them, and scatter their ashes within the fiery chasm of Mount Doom. <br />
<br />
Then, just to be safe, and to protect the world from being sucked into your putrid hole of despair, you need to have your uterus cut out, and that crusty sarlaac pit between your legs sewn shut. <br />
<br />
May God have mercy on your soul you prune-fed abomination.

Wow, looks like "finding god" really helped.

You are a ******* horrible person, how could you do that to your daughter? Monster is an UNDERSTATEMENT for you. If I were your daughter I would kick you out sever all ties with you and never speak to you again. You just ruined a good marriage becuase of your own selfish god based needs. Guess what god isn't ******* real, hes a fairy tale, a ******* MYTH. You are a product of your own actions, not some fake wizard with a beard in the sky. If there was a hell I'd hope you burned in it, considering there isn't, I would suggest you through yourself off the nearest bridge.

and your a *****?

pics or it didnt happen...

I don't care what your beliefs are, if you're in the first trimester abort that baby. Normally I wouldn't say such a thing but considering what you've done this is the least of your worries and the easiest way to save a lot of future problems.

WHAT THE **** ARE YOU THINKING WOMEN! Get a job, stop being whining , this is America. Go out to clubs or whatever to get laid... not your daughters husband. You should feel bad because ITS WRONG.

you should probably hit that big ol' A button on yourself

You're right, it is a unique experience. I hurt for you. You made a mistake. <br />
<br />
But you have a decision to make - you can start living the rest of your life the right way starting today, making the right decisions. It's the same thing I've had to do since my life fell apart recently. Read my story then contact me if you like -<br />
<br />
Hang in there, take it a day at a time, and know you're not alone. You're being prayed for. There is a life to be lived and you will find redemption. Don't listen to hatred, don't let people tell you you're horrible, and learn to forgive yourself. Move forward beginning today. Seek help soon, please.

Can you post a picture of yourself? Thanks!!