Affair With Son In Law, Now Pregnant

I have searched all over the web for this situation and I have yet to find anything that remotely correlates.  I lost my job a few months ago and I moved in my eldest daughter and family.  I will admit right here and now that I have always had a crush on her husband and have secretly lusted after him.  I have been divorced for over 15 years and have had very few male companions in my life since then.

When I moved in I took on a motherly type roll in the household and catered to everyone's needs.  My grandchildren, but especially my son in law.  I lusted after him, I seduced him and I entraped him.  One day he was swimming his laps in the pool and I came out in a 2 piece binkini that I purposely selected.  I entered the pool and interrupted his morning routine.  It was from that moment forward that I made my sexuality known to him and faluted myself to him.  A few weeks later we had intercourse for the first time, unprotected with primal lust and passion.  He filled a void that I had been missing for over 15 years.  I felt 25 years old again and gave no thoughts to my daughter or my two grandchildren.

I was not the best mother to begin with, I was pregnant initially at 16 and again at 19.  I was taught that sex was the key to keeping your man happy, which was wrong.  By age 26 I was divorced, alone and competing with my ex-husband who had again married a young bimbo who was now raising my kids.  I experimented with drugs and was very much strung out for 8 years or so until I found god.

The power I held over my son in law was intoxicating.  I was in love with him, we had sex in the pool, in the early hours of the morning trying not to wake anyone and even in his own bed.  At first I was careful and took my pill, but I lapsed on my prescription and missed my period.  I have not told him about this, I haven't told anyone.  I want to abort this baby but I cannot bring myself to this.  I cannot bring myself to admiting the truth to anyone.  I wish I were dead, I wish I had never had these feelings and pushed this issue.  I am pregnant and alone with my daughter's brother or sister inside of me.  I am a monster

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I'm sorry, but I think you are a selfish woman. And, so is your son-in-law. Neither of you thought of the damage you were doing to others. Perhaps you should just go and never tell anyone what happened. Your daughter and your grand-children would only be devastated. You would be clearing your conscience at their expense. I know you don't want to cause anymore harm. I wish you good luck and ask that you be more careful in your choices.

Honestly, if he cheated on your daughter with YOU, then eventually he would have done it to her with someone else (a cheater is a cheater). But, despite that fact, your daughter more than likely will not see it that way due to the pain she will feel over this and the betrayal by her own mother. I feel very badly for your daughter and grandchildren - you and your son-in-law more than likely just ensured that all 3 of them will require major therapy for quite some time.

I think if fair to say that you experienced some of the greatest, most intense sex of your life. I have no advice on how to handle your pregnancy but, having had very intimate relations with my own mother in law I know the intensity of it and the ultimate joy when it's that good.

tell me what did the innocent baby in your belly do to be senrenced to death? shall it be put to death for your sins? Jesus apparantly already did that. You did something terrible, monstourous,the bolth of you. But you are not a monster. I hope your still not sleeping with the man, if you are, you are not truely sorry. I had an abortion long ago when I was a teenager for what I thought was a good reason and the guilt and shame are still very painful, seems to me you don't need more of that, however you could make a couple who can't have there own child very joyful and happy, make somehing good out of this. Get out of your daughters house! Tell her if you must but either way never be with this man again. That is my advise.

Pardon me I just read the posts and I am sorry that you lost your baby, that is hard regardless of the circumstances of conception for any woman.

Get the baby out. Get yourself another lover. He won't fulfill you in anyway. Do you even love your daugther?

Ceme, befor you recomend to put to death an innocent baby you should know fro previous posts the baby died on its own, im sure the news will make you happy. Again I say im sorry, and I hope things work out for your daughter and her family and you do the right thing for all involved.

I'm sorry for souding to harsh. You're no monster though and I agree with withoutwithin.

You COMPLETELY deserve what's happening to you. I have absolutely NO sympathy for you. I just feel sorry for the unborn child and this daughter that you've betrayed in the worst possible way.

Her husband is also a disgusting bastard.

A monster? No, I don't think so. You made a bad decision, unfortunately, one you will have to live with.

Make an excuse to get away, & get yourself to a women's shelter as far from there as possible. Tell no one.

I feel you must have the child, & if you need to, give him / her up for adoption. You cannot tell you daughter what happened, I feel you would be destroying a family. As for the SIL? Keep him at arm's length, for he is to blame as well.

I think you should come clean. It'll hurt your daughter, yes, but I think she deserves to know what sort of people she has in her life. You and her husband should be ashamed of yourselves, this is totally disgusting behavior and you aren't fit, in my opinion, to raise another child as it sounds to me like you've made bad decisions your entire life and haven't learned a thing. I know you're only human but when you're as old as you are and still can't control yourself, you've crossed the line between making a mistake and just not giving a damn and/or being downright dense.

Neither of your are trustworthy and this woman might not want people like that polluting the air. Even if you get out, like you should, that guy is still there and if it's not you that he's laying around with, it'll likely be another woman down the road. The trust is broken, even if she doesn't know it yet, and I can't imagine how embarrassing and disgusting it would be for those poor children to know this ever happened, should they ever find out.

dont tell your daughter and abort.

dont ruin their lives...

dont tell your daughter and abort.

dont ruin their lives...

dont tell your daughter and abort.

dont ruin their lives...

dont tell your daughter and abort.

dont ruin their lives...

I am so naive that I am always amazed by these types of stories. Anything is possible: for good or for nil. I know that in life stuff happens. I am not holier than thou, but I think this is wrong. I understand that you are attracted to your daughter's husband, but he is your daughter's husband.

I know that I have done things that I am not proud of. I can not judge you. I can judge the actions, and an affair with your son-in-law does not facilitate a happy family and is very selfish. Wow, just wow! I wouldn't even do this to a stranger.

I think you should tell your daughter, stop the affair, move out. Immediately! Get your own place and your own man to have sex with.

Jerrica! You are amazing. I agree wholeheartedly that this is wrong.

For the SIL commenting that the sexual experience was intense, I hope your wife found out and has left this situation. You love the sex more than you love her, obviously.

I don't believe the story.

It just has an element that smells fishy to me.

I think it's someone lying looking for attention on the negative side.

Belongs in that guy Springs-something

Okay, I am swallowing my naive words then. I don't believe there is a word to accurately describe these individuals then. Very very despicable and disturbed and void, cruel, narcissist and imbecile. That goes to show that having functioning reproductive systems and using them DOES NOT MAKE A MOTHER OR A FATHER. If she wanted to prey on a lot younger guys, that's sick enough, but her daughters' men???? In some countries she would be CAGED!! I hope I never remotely understand this.

thank you, LH, for your comment but apparently not everyone shares your opinion of me because i don't condone this. watch out ladies. if you don't go for this, you might be accused of being a bitter old prune lol. after all, in the eyes of some people, it was just sex. no need to get all up in arms over it. *rolls eyes* aldabella, love the part about LJ finding god in the son in laws pants! what your mom did to you was pretty lousy too.

Jerrica, Evania, and all other compassionate people with a sense of integrity know that this was not just sex. If the sitution was reversed and their significant others were having just sex with a family member, close friend or stranger, the comments would be completely different. This can not be justified and is very hurtful.

i agree with you but, unfortunately, there is plenty of scum on ep who would be delighted to have their spouse have sex with family, friends, etc and some already do engage in this. beats the hell out of me.

wow this is straight out of a soap opera...

I'm not sure what to say exactly other then if you found God then this is a pretty damn good time to go to him and pray for some sort of guidance. I'm not here to blame you however, the feeling of loneliness is pretty deep and even the best of us fall. Other then that I can't say much, I'm far too inexperienced to give you advice on what you should do

Hi i read the above story and i realy feel for you. I have a girlfirend and all we think about is sex. Our relationship hardly ever goeas beyond sex and i understand that she has been through alot of faile drelations ships being older than i am thus i understand that the main way she views as being able to hold onto her man or crush is through sex. I really feel for her as is she only knew how much i was willing to take it onto another level and i love her past this she would have any fear of losing me. You are a beautiful smart and compassionate person. Dont listen to what the other fools on this blbog might say you might have made some mistakes in your past my older sister was born when my mom was 18 i know this. i calculated this when i was about 14 but i have never confronted my mother about this coz i love her and i dont care what she has ever done in her past coz she will always be my mom. And i belive that despite the fact that you let your lusts go before your judgement deep down in your heart you love you daughter more than you love yourself and that is all theat matters. I would say that it would be best if it was in your capability to raise the child (if you had the money) that you do so because depite the means that the child would have been consieved through a child is a blessing to this world. You are the mother and you should take respnciblilty and overlook what everybody else is goin to say because it doesnt matter. If you want to change this is the first step. It is going to be painful it is going to be hard but that is the road to redemption its not easy but it is certainly worth it. I feel for you as if you were my own mother. and i hope that i have been of any help. One thing throughout all my challenges in life one person has helped me go through them all. It was at time painful but never the less He always saw me through and i pray that you hold stedfast onto Him. GOD

God bless :-)

I am a child of a totally dysfunctional family in every way shape and form....alcoholism, physical abuse, mental abuse...etc... My parents started having children at 18 or 19. They were completely not suitable parents. They should have not had children to begin with. Prior to me even being conceived, there were major problems in their marriage.

My father constantly cheated on my mom (even when she was pregnant); he was physically abusive toward her, my brother and my sister; he was a drunk; and did not like to work. Their relationship went back and forth, and then they finally got divorced. My dad moved to Florida for five years. He came back to visit my mom, my brother and my sister, who are respectively 7 and 8 years older than me. When he came back for one night, they did the deed, and to their surprise, in 1971, my mom got pregnant with me. Throughout my childhood the abuse persisted to which my mom just turned a blind eye. They omitted some big information from me growing up….they were not married and I thought they were! I only found this out a few years ago. I was very upset, because not only did I have to deal with their **** growing up, I was born in a loveless relationship.

To say the least me, my brother, and sister have paid the price, even into adulthood. I have dealt with depression and seek help with it even now. There were no apologies from my parents to this day. My mom still turns a blind eye, dear-in-the-head-lights look at issues and my dad is still a complete tool. They are ****-ups. The point here is I truly in my heart wish when I was conceived my mom had an abortion. So do yourself a favor, do not tell your daughter, get away from her husband and have an abortion. Forgive yourself, be a good mom, which I believe it is never too late, and I am 37. I also strongly urge you to go into therapy. If you have a therapist and your issues are still there, find a better therapist. I am still pissed because my parents never did the healing they should for themselves and their now adult children.

I'm not even dignifying this with a comment.

I don't get it. You do not live within the bounds of society, so there can be no rational or logical help for you when you operate so selfishly, you have chosen your path. Deal with it. Whether you are looking for pity or condemnation is irrelevant. If you want to be a mom to the child of your son-in-law more than a grandmother or mother to your already existing children, then I am sure that you will do whatever you want, as you always have. No matter what it destroys.

Talk to someone.

I don't normally like to judge but I feel no pity for you; only for your daughter. If this story is true, and you are being honest on your profile you're almost 50. That's old enough to know that what you were doing was selfish and immoral. As a mother, the needs and happiness of your child should be fore-most in your mind but you've potentially destroyed both her marriage and her trust in you.

I know it takes two to tango, but that doesn't make it any better.

If you truly care about your daughter's happiness they only thing you can really do is move away. Tell her nothing. If you choose to have the baby - tell her it was because of a one night stand with somebody else.

It's a rough situation, and deep down I really want your daughter to know what kind of a rat both you and her husband are, but if you're too cowardly to do this then lying is the only way to preserve your relationship.

And, seriously, grow up.

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When I first read your story I was as disgusted as everyone else, however I have read all of the comments posted by people and I think that you've had more than enough abuse to last a life time, so I'm going to be gentle.

Your were wrong, and for a while you did the worst thing a mother could possibly done, but if you are truely sorry and you have stopped having any kind of sexual relations with your Son-in-law then you can't go through the rest of your life with this guilt, It'll kill you.

I think that you need to start down the long path of forgiving yourself, it won't be easy and you'll definatly need help but you can't go through the rest of your life with this on your shoulders.

'Monster' is a strong word and I do not believe that it applies to you, I just think that you acted appallingly, I really am sorry that you lost the baby, that must have been terrible for you. But maybe in the long run it was for the best.

As for whether or not to tell your daughter, I'm not going to try to give you advice for that. That is an issue for you to decide and noone else.

I really hope everything works out for you and that you have learnt your lesson and never do anything like this ever again.