In the Depths of My Mind.....

I had totally blocked out the fact that I had cheated once upon a time. I've only done once,and it was 10 years ago now. I met this woman at my job, and I was working at a nursing home. She let me know she was interested in me. At that time we had flirted only. I love to flirt, it gets my blood pumping right. So my girlfriend at the time had just told me about her cheating on me. So instead of leaving her, I did the revenge cheat. I know it was wrong  and childish at the time. To cheat for that reason only.  I would have felt better had I done it on my own accord. But it was fun and it only lasted for a week then I broke it off. She wanted to get serious and I didn't.
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4 Responses Oct 22, 2007

really most relationships are misunderstood like this. if it is open conversation many problem can be solved.

Some times these things happen in life and take it easy.

Yeah but the whole cheat cause they did it thing as u can see doesn't make u feel better about who u are and who u are with. Next time, break it off and do what u want and then if u decide u want to go back u can and it wasnt cheating

glad you got that off your chest....i've been where you are