In the Term Affair...

I have not an affair in terms of falling in love with another woman I have however had sex with plenty of girls In fact i am meetin a japanese sex bomb some hot action tomorrow night....
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You're no better than a woman. Men are usually able to control their impulses.

You should do the only right thing and divorce her, rather than continuing to live like a woman. You want to bang a lot of chicks, fine, just be honest about it.

Cuckold? Your wife should be allowed to get a big girthy one if she desires... and you should watch him go for gold inside of her!

Sex and love are totally different. Keep them separated and you will be good to go....

Before starting an affair you must be able to separate love and sex. My affair with my married lover (am married too) is successful (7 years) so far, because we can both separate the two. Failure to recognize these differences often leads to irreparable problems!

In this case, there are two type of people...those that are able to separate sex from love, and those that can't. To me, those are two separate thing, and confusing them leads to problems. I'm kind of a math person, and I look at it in terms of Set Theory. Love is one set, and sex is the other set. The union of the two sets is fantastic, but there are large portions that do and should exist outside of that union. Just my opinion.

It is up to you to maintain decent living without hurting others.

Well your doing what we were put on the earth to do, procreate and insure the continuing success of our can't argue with nature!<br />
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I just hope you and your wife and the Japanese sex bomb have a long, healthy and happy life.

Is it ok for your wife to do the same too?