**** Happens: Sometimes Its For the Good

Before I had a affair I was living in a abusive relationship. And My ex husband at that time made me believe that I as not beautiful and that no one would love me and that I had to take his abuse.Then I met this person that made me feel special in every way. We conceived a child.And yes I was stupid enough to still stay with my ex husband, even though he knew that the child was not his. And that was the worse mistake I had ever done in my live besides married him, cuz the abuse continue and got worse. Then I let my ex husband and found a wonderful man that treats me like a queen and that loves me for who I am and not what I got between my legs. He opened my eyes to see myself and how beautiful I am.So sometimes an affair is good cuz if I have not of had one then I probable would of still been in that relationship.Oh and by the way I then married that man and we are happy now.

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Congratulations ! No woman deserves abuse and I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

Good on ya girl... great to give yourself the self esteem and love you deserve and when you think more highly of yourself you send out that level of vibration which can only attract a guy of similar vibration into your life...<br />
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The secret of life is we will always attract who we are at a particular time and its sometimes not what we want and the attraction secret lies in our feelings about ourself...If we feel guilty at a deep level we attract punishment as those deep seated feelings can cry out I am bad please punish me...feeling ok about everything in our life and being thankful for our experiences and choices that have bought us wisdom and a higher self esteem eliminates deep seated guilt etc...and attracts a person that also feels ok about themselves....

My affair gave me the strength and courage to leave my abusive x husband and to not crawl back to him. Even though the affair is over and I am devastated as I can't get over my MM. I am so glad I got out of my marriage and don't regret the affair at all. He taught me I was a good person and beautiful. He brought my self esteem back. He made me realize that I do have feelings and just brought me alive. I hope I can meet a single man someday that does that for me.

Glad the affair helped to show you ...that you were worth a lot more than you were settling for.. yay!!! :)) Good for you!!!!

Congratulations - glad to hear that worked out. No one should ever stay in an abusive relationship, though it's one of the least common reasons that people get a divorce.

I am great to hear that you have found someone who truly loves you for who you are and not what you have. I do agree on the part that sometimes to do something right we have to make mistakes. It is a learning process:p ...hehe anyways good for ya girl. Hope you live happily!!! Peace!!!