My Biggest Regret....

i have been married for awhile and my husband had quit talking to me,touching me,having sex with get the idea. anyway i was on fb one night and saw an ex boyfriend of mine on my sisters friends list so i messaged him asked if he remembered me,of coarse he did so we swapped phone numbers and met for lunch one day. he was married with kids i was married with kids but it just felt right,so we talked every nite. on august 5 for what ever reason he called me and asked what i was doing for lunch and i said nothing i had a 3 hour break and he invited me over while his wife was at work. well a kiss lead to sex and i really thought i was falling in love with him again,he was a smooth talker and new all the right things to say,how pretty i was how much he cared for me,when he left his wife i would be all his i just had to leave my husband. well about two weeks later if that i did leave my husband because of other issues(see i am married to a meth addict) i no sooner leave my husband and this guys wife starts calling me i wouldn't talk to her,then he texts me being an *** saying well she found out i guess your not talking to me either....well when the wife fb'd me and wanted to know what happened it turned out he had been lieing to us both so o i told her the truth and it was her decision to stay,but i was done i had other things in my life.i regret it because i let myself believe that he really cared about me,i was vulnerable and he took advantage of me  so i am back with my husband and it has gotten a little better,but he still ignores me i am not a priority and the pain adn regret i feel from my affair will haunt me the rest of my life

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AH ................. I pray god ease down your suffering and heal your wounds. No doubt! Menkind brings suffering into their lives with their own hands, even after knowing everything. May god forgive you and give you guidance and healing, ameen.

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It will but not because you stayed with your husband.

I've been there, I've been married for 7 years, with 2 great small kids, my husband suffered from suicidal thoughts and depression last year, I guy I worked with showed me what I had been missing out on with my husband, I was vunerable and fell for him big time. I stared legal proceedings for a legal separation with my husband. We kept it a secret in work for a while and then we went away with the kids to Donegal for a weekend at the end of January, he got down on one knee and proposed, I like a fool said yes. Back to work that monday, told a few people, then everyone knew. After one week he broke it off, I was devestated, still am really, I feel stupid and humiliated, everyone in work knows that I had an affair when my husband was ill. My husband has forgiven me and we are trying to work things out, but i am not in love with him, but I know he will never hurt me. I agree with you, the regret and pain of my affair will hunt me for the rest of my life. I actually thought he really did love me, how wrong can you be!!!!!!!!!

It is a sad story but one that is most common. We all know the reasons for our affairs but the dangers of engaging in one are always present and sometimes extreme. You have found this out the hard way and I truly feel for you. The poor excuse of a man you chose took full advantage of your vulnerability and is the lowest form of vermin imaginable..<br />
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It is a cardinal rule of those considering dalliances away from home and hearth, so to speak, is that all emotions must be held in check and that all rules of the game are open and upfront. Without that situations such as you describe here are the sad result.<br />
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Those of us in sexless marriages are all vulnerable in our desperation to seek what is lacking in our lives but to become victims at another's expense is to compound the issue.<br />
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I have used affairs for years successfully, some lengthy and others of short duration. I am not proud of the necessity of doing so but neither am I in any way sorry for this behavior. They were never with an unmarried person, for that , in my mind's eye is terribly unfair particularly when no commitment can nor will be forthcoming .All had the ground rules known fully up front.<br />
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I am sorry that it turned out so badly for you and that you had to again return to a marriage that will force you back into a future of accommodation and feigned acceptance..<br />
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I would advise you not to stop your quest for intimacy but just be much more selective and make sure next time that you are in control.<br />
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I wish you all the best .