I've Done It Again....

I have a chronic issue with going to sleep late. And it seems that the more I am coaxed to not do it the worse it is. 
Anyway, I was SO EXCITED about doing what I was doing -researching colleges-, that I never went to bed. 
Now it's 7:30 and I feel kind of stupid.  I'm glad for the research that I accomplished, and I should not feel bad. 
That's another issue I have.  I tend to always feel guilty (THAT'S stupid! and I hate it, and am working on it -eradicating the dead weight of useless guilt-). 
Phew! I'm off to bed, hopefully to sleep, and who knows, even have good dreams! :-) 

I LOVE EP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)  :-)  
I've met lots of awesome people here!!!!!!!! XXXX
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6 Responses Jul 14, 2010

What mate?

yawn !!!! its 3 am must be nearly my bedtime

I agree, I LOVE EP!

it i a great site

Ha ha!! That's funny "it's all EP's fault" :-D

I do the same,that is stay up late.I sometimes dont get to bed till noon and its all ep's fault lol