Shrimp Allergic Reaction

I've never had shrimp before until today. They just looked weird and stink so I didn't want to eat them. Since I love grilled food soooooo much my new Mom (I got adopted this spring) put some grilled chicken kabobs and 4 huge grilled shrimp in my lunch for today. I was excited to have real food for lunch cause usually i eat fruit or maybe cafeteria food but it usually sucks. So I decided to start with the shrimp. They had a hot pepper bbq sauce on them and it was awesome so I ate all 4 of them real fast! I like the way they tasted but the texture was kinda weird. Oh well, on to the chicken and some grilled bell peppers. Then about half way thru lunch break I started itching on my wrists and my neck and face too then I got real hot and was sweating like crazy and someone said I was turning red. I was like what?? and I thought I had something stuck in my throat cause it felt like dry bread was stuck in there. I started coughing but it got worse and by the time I got to the nurse's office it was kinda getting hard to breathe. I started to panic which made things worse too b/c of my anxiety problems. I rode in the ambulance to the hospital and on the way they gave me a shot to help me breathe better. Thinking I was going to die was a bad feeling but everyone was real nice and the swelling and red places went away pretty fast after like 3 hours. I got sick and puked my lunch on the floor which was pretty nasty so they kept me a little longer cause my new parents wanted to be sure I was ok since they said I don't have much medical history about me. Ugh a ruff day and scary experience. I officially HATE shrimp now!!!
AquilaAqua AquilaAqua
18-21, M
Sep 21, 2012