Doctor Behr

I have already related to having my first gyno examination yesterday, and the surprise at the experience. Yes, it was later since I wasn't sexually active before and so an examination was either unnecessary or awkward because I still had my hymen. I have been thinking about it since.

I guess there is a factory-feel to the whole operation for the professionals involved, but to me it really was a case of feeling violated. I have no idea what being raped would be like, but I know there is a trauma involved that some women find extremely difficult facing in any way. I know of it for how I feel from yesterday.

Doctor Behr asked me to take off my black leggings, but I suppose I could have just opened the crotch zipper for what he wanted to do! I took them off, and I put on one of the gowns his nurse offered me, then she left the room. He asked me to climb up onto his examinations table, to place my heels in the stirrups so my hips were opened, my thighs wide apart.

He touched my vulva, opening my labia with his gloved fingers, and then he spoke to me about the examnation, the tool he would use on me, in me. As it touched me it was cold, and very hard! There was an ugliness too.

I felt it as he pushed it into me, and then he got down so he could use it, open it to spread the walls of my vagina and look at my cervix. He commented on there being only a small plug of mucus there, and asked me how long ago I'd had my period. This revealing, seemed to satisfy his inquiry. He asked me about my apparent dryness, and then, confirming it was my first examination, he didn't seek an answer.

I felt relief when he took his instrument out of me, and he seemed to reach behind himself to put it down. He asked me to remain in the stirrups, and after a few moments he started to prod around down there. He pushed his fingers into me, and said he was examining the walls of my vagina for any abnormalities. He then touched my lips, and lifted my hood to examine my clitoris.

Moments later he told me to get up and get dressed. When I was dressed again I went to his desk, to the patient's consulting chair and sat while he went through the details of the tests he was ordering for me. He gave me a small card with a date on which to return to see him.

I am dreading the return there.
ToiledAraignee ToiledAraignee
22-25, F
Dec 12, 2012