A Great Way to Kill a Week

Lonely, Bored, Trying to kill a week, or maybe you just want to loose a few pounds?  Try getting a severe ear infection.  No better way to pass the time!

In between having your ear canal so swollen you go temporarily def in one side and bawling your eyes out sporadically, you too can experience  gut wrenching pain that wont let you sleep or stay awake for long periods of time!  Don't worry though that laying down for a whole week will make you gain weight though, the swelling in your ear will put pressure in your jaw that makes it impossible to chew!  Liquid diets are so great for trimming off a few last minute pounds. Never mind that a liquid diet wont prevent the antibiotics from making you violently ill occasionally- because hey!  losing weight is what all red blooded Americans want to do right?

at least it comes will good drugs right?  unless you have some kind of crazy unholy drug tolerance the drugs will make you forget that you are in terrible pain, they will waft you off to a gentle 2 hour or so nap before they wear out.. Unless of course, you need to be clear headed to drive your 7 year old son to school.. then you need to hold off on the drugs for at least 6 hours before driving....

If you can manage to not commit suicide in the first 3 or 4 days.. you'll almost be in the clear but not quite.... try not to bite off any heads in the meantime.. .after all this is YOUR vacation from reality right? 

did i mention?
im quite hungry and cranky...
and just a little naucious.

Shierke Shierke
26-30, F
2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

thanks for the head up *LOL*<br />
Important to fix typos.. <br />
yeah.. i feel less and less like im going to die- but.. thats about the only improvement for now.. i think everything would be dandy if i could just eat a big juicy burger.

HAHA Well, since you just typed "7 year old son to work", I am guessing the lack of sleep is starting to affect your cognitive abilities. HUG Hope it gets better soon.