Recovered Anorexic

Ever since I was 8 or 9 years old, I always felt like I was alot bigger then all the other girls my age. I starte dusing food for comfort. I was never really big but I felt huge. When i look at pictures of then, I was average size. When I was 11 I started extreme exersizing and cutting calories to the point where I was throwing up blood from so many sit ups. I stopped doing that but at age 12 I started making myself throw up. I never told anyone for a while. I finally stopped, and told my mom after a school councellor found out through an email my friend sent my boyfriend. At age 13 I was anorexic. I spent litarally ALL my time exorsizing, never spent time with friends, and cut back calories to under 100 a day. my goal weight was 60 pounds. Every one in my town knew about it because it was obvious the way I looked. I started throwing up againalso and a week later I was hospitalized. I struggled a bit with bulimia after I was let out for about a year (until last year). /now, I gave up diet pills, and I feel I am fully recovered.

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