Its True, Once Upon A Time

i had an eating disorder, i dont know how i let myself get that way. in middle school i was very chubby and even tho i had friends boys wouldnt really take much notice of me, and my parents always told me i ate too much my mom always said i was over-weight which i was by around 20 pounds, once i finished middle school i got in big trouble and thats when things started to change, i stopped eating and being hungry and i slept most of the day my mother thought there was something severely wrong with me so she took me to get checked up a few times. i hated getting my blood drawn. the dr always said i was 100% then i started to lose weight in my freshman year and started to see myself differently like as if i was seeing myself on the other side of the mirror but i was the reflection i know its weird but thats how it seemed, by my sophmore year i had lost a few more pounds and started a relationship with a guy that was very controlling. by my junior year i was down to 98 pounds which wasnt very healthy. even tho i felt fine. i was still sleeping a lot and i was never hungry. i think it was just all in my mind, after me and my bf at the time started having a lot of problems i gained around 20 pounds fast which worried me, we broke up in my senior yr and i got myself together and started taking care of myself and becoming my own person . i now go to the gym and i love eating also , i keep good balance and my bf now is amazing and very supportive.
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1 Response Oct 7, 2011

That's so good that you got back on track. ;) I was also pretty overweight when I was way younger and then I lost all this weight and got to like, 95 pounds. It took a bit, but I just had to snap out of it. But good on you. And it's nice to hear you now have a supportive bf instead of a controlling one. :D Keep up the good work!