I Was Anorexic

Once you have an eating disorder you forever have a distorted perception of yourself... Mine began when I was in 7th grade through 9th grade.. I was bed ridden for most of that time with what they called... "A fever of unknown origin"... heh... eventually it went away and I was able to establish some sort of a normal life... but being in bed for 2 years had its toll on my body and once I saw myself I became anorexic... I dropped down to 129 lbs being about 5'10 before I was force fed back into normalcy :P
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4 Responses Jul 10, 2007

I know someone who was the same age and height and gender and was 58 lbs... I know you may think that is a lie but it wasn't. He looked liked it and he got on a scale and said so. He was badly anorexic.

I sooo get that. Once your in your in. And you were pretty thin. 5'10" 129 lbs and 15. Lol!

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Kudos for sharing your story. Men don't often talk about their battle with eating disorders. I know it isn't as common but it is out there. So once again a big thumbs up for sharing this. <br />