I Was Anorexic

Once you have an eating disorder you forever have a distorted perception of yourself... Mine began when I was in 7th grade through 9th grade.. I was bed ridden for most of that time with what they called... "A fever of unknown origin"... heh... eventually it went away and I was able to establish some sort of a normal life... but being in bed for 2 years had its toll on my body and once I saw myself I became anorexic... I dropped down to 129 lbs being about 5'10 before I was force fed back into normalcy :P
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I know someone who was the same age and height and gender and was 58 lbs... I know you may think that is a lie but it wasn't. He looked liked it and he got on a scale and said so. He was badly anorexic.

I sooo get that. Once your in your in. And you were pretty thin. 5'10" 129 lbs and 15. Lol!


If you don't know how to lose weight and have good food habits, I strongly advise you to see a professional. I can propose you a very good alternative which will make you feel good.

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See you ! Roxane

Kudos for sharing your story. Men don't often talk about their battle with eating disorders. I know it isn't as common but it is out there. So once again a big thumbs up for sharing this.