My Body.

my body was my worst enemy. i hated it. it all started in 9th grade. i was a cheerleader so i had to look my best. everyday. i cheered every year until my senior year. it was my life. soon some of the girl had notice i was gaining weight. which as a flyer is never a good thing. i mean i was no where near fat. i was maybe 110 lbs but for a flyer it didnt look so good. so i started over working. 3 times day. then when that didnt help as much as i needed it to i started not eating. i got down to 85 lbs. my dad had me put in the hospital. i got some better. my senior year i was up to 130lbs which you have to keep in mind i am 5'8'' so its all in my highth. but with bigging so tall i was no longer able to fly so i was put at the back spot. which its bad but i took it as i was "over weight" again. so i didnt stop eating totally i just started eatting less and less. my bf noticed it this time and he is the one who is by my side helping me today. i have been out of high 2 years now. i still have my days where i look at meself and hate what i see but then his smile and the way he looks at me changes my mind :)

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