I really hope sunstone or someone is writing a story about this because I have NO idea what one is.... :( I know I feel dumb LOL

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oh yeah... check it. it could be wiring as well. most of the time it's what it turns out to be. unfortunately, takes all the fun out of living ina haunted house.

LOL, its that flat icky carpet thats not even soft...

LOL... I really don't think I could hand ANY kind of ghost for that matter... I get too freaked out by dreams and "sightings" as it is... I was young but that doesn't mean it didn't happen...

lol. and carpet in a bathroom was very chic in the 70's and 80's. Shag, of course, in the 70's (gods i hate shag carpet, and shag rakes)

I think I got me a electric ghost, but this aint AMPtyville, just an old farm house. I can't even say it's scary, it's just kind of like being watched. Must be Casper's cousin Current the other friendly, lectric ghost

EEEK... I was constantly stuffed up there with sneezing fits... I have seen places where they have had mold but they just painted over top of it like it was nothing... (of course in that bathroom LOL) but I KNOW I will NOT live in that house for the rest of my life... NO WAY mister!

lol. If you have anyting like allergy symptoms and this feeling i'd check for the mold. it's easy enough to get rid of. and if you live in a damp area even a new house can have it. <br />
(then it can be the mold monster instead of the electric ghost)

OH, I don't really know then, all I was told was that the basement was the same and just all of the upstairs was rebuilt... That mold thing though, I'm sure that is going on below the bathroom...(who in the world has carpet in their BATHROOM), just another thing they tried saving money on I think...

re-read it. basement and foundaton were rebuilt on top of? It could be electro magnetic, or if there's any spacing between new and old there could be a mold or mildew inside the walls. That sometimes can give that creepy feeling. (black mold is really bad). easy enough to check tho... look around the baseboard of the floors closest to the old part or if it's a basement check the joist are of the ceiling/floor. it can look either powdery or black. but breathing in the spores can give that hair standing on the back of your neck feeling.

basement... Creepy, dark, icky basement....and EEEK! I'm def having nightmares tonight!

My ex's parents house was creepy - always felt like there was someone watching you - and when you woke in the morning all the chairs in the kitchen would be moved!!! It was across the road from a famine grave!!!

it's just one explaination. but it's always best to eliminate the technical reasons. <br />
rebuilt on original foundation. is it a basement or crawlspace? <br />
I can't do anything about a heater ghost. sorry. whe that happens here i jiggle my furnace.

awww. :( I'm sorry I am too, but my bf likes to freeze the room when he sleeps... BRRR... so I'm there with ya with ice hangin from my nose... but I get that creepy someone is watching me feeling when I'm at my bfs house, (real old foundation, original burnt down when he was a teen, but the basement and foundation were left intact...such a creepy creaky house...

I dont have an electric ghost - but i have a ghost thats done something to my heating and i am cold!!!!!


:) hahaha, Now I won't feel soooo soo scared when I get that something's watching me feeling...

OK... Electric ghost. It may be the result of what is referred to as a "fear cage effect'. This happens frequently in older houses that have been rewired or additionally wired, for electric. With the piping for plumbing and heat, and cable and phone and electric being in confined spaces it can cause a rise in the Electro-Magnetic Field of the house, or a particular room, or even part of a room. Now... some people are more sensitive than others to this phenomena and may experience: headaches, fatigue, nausea, that creepy "I'm being watched" feeling. If it's particularly high or in conjunction with other things such as railway lines, high voltage power lines close by, people who are not generally sensitive can also experience it. And sometimes over prolonged periods or if someone is really sensitive it can lead to hallucinations of sounds, smells, and even visuals. Leading to a conclusion the place is haunted. <br />
Tada!... Paranormal researchers figured this out a few years ago as equipment became more sophisticated. <br />
<br />
But all in all I actually like the electric ghost... kinda retro Johnny Quest monsterish.


YAY - I think I am ok!!! :)

awww LOL at least I'm not alone!

I am waiting too to see if i have one - i have no idea if i am eligible to join this group or not!!!!! LOL

LOL at darknight, I'm sure you're fine

oh no you didn't! i love it!!!! roflol!!!

I hope they hurry, I don't have a clue either. What if I have one and don't even know it...

:) yayyyy! thanks!