Erect In Sri Lanka

I spent a fortnight in Sri Lanka a number of years ago visiting Sri Lankan friends. A group of us went out early one day for sight seeing. We travelled in a sort of mini van over uneven and bumpy roads. It may have been because of that, or because it was very early in the morning and that was/is my erection time, but my penis got hard. I was wearing y fronts under casual trousers and as my penis got longer it found its way through the opening in my pants. I did not think too much about it, until we stopped for petrol and everyone got out of the van. I could not really stay inside myself under the circumstances and got out with my stiff penis pressing against the cloth of my trousers. I pretended nothing was happening, but one of my friends noticed, smiled at me, and kept on looking admiringly at the shape in my trousers. He did not say anything about it, then or later, but I was relieved when my erection subsided and when we found a toilet where I could put my limp penis back inside my pants.
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I thooughly enjoyed this story. . . I also enjoy the ill-timed erections that occasionally occur. As a matter of fact, I'm having one right now! No peeking!

Spoil sport! How did you know I was doing that?

Because I was trying to look at you too! Does your screen name 'oneofnine' refer to the number of inches that you may be sequestering?

Hardly. 9 - 3.75 would be closer. I am sure you can do the arithmetic.


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One advantage of being "micro" is that no one can notice or tell.

If other people admire you, what's the problem? Just be proud if you can show an erection!

What is a "Y-front" pants? Please explain more clearly...

Ah, I see...I just had never heard them referred to that way. Carry on!

It may have been embarrassing, but it happens to most of us. I've had boners at inconvenient times, but it's nice to know that the equipment is in good working order!

......if unpredictable