Algonquin Adventure, Part 1.

Algonquin Adventure
This is sort of a long story so I decided to split it into sections. Please bear with me! lol

During the summer of my 15th year, we decided to go on a camping trip.
This was not to be any ordinary trip. My best buddies Father had died the previous Christmas.
After settling the estate, they discovered that he owed 5 acres of land on a Lake in Northern Ontario, Canada. Apparently he had purchased the lot at auction after he was released from the Army in 1946.
The properties was left to his two boys. They did not even know it existed.

So his 56 year old Mother, her new boyfriend (and I mean boy), me, my buddy Alex, and his little brother Teddy, and the neighbor hood jerk, Fred, all were going camping. I got permission from my Dad to take his row boat. Fred supplied a large Tent. Alex and family the transportation and food.

The property was located along the edge of the Algonquin Provincial Park, on a Lake call Big Bob's Lake. It was a good 8 hour drive from Detroit. With the boat strapped on the top of the Mercury, off we went.

Arriving late in the evening about 9 pm, we discovered that the property was on the south shore of the lake. Problem was, the road only ran along the North shore. Talking to a local resident, he pointed out a nice lot we could set up camp on for a few days.

Tent set up, we got our sleeping bags rolled out and a camp fire going. After some hot dogs and marshmallow, we set off for bed. Alex's Mom was gonna sleep in the car. When I entered the tent I noticed my bag had been moved I had set it up near the door, as I often need to do nature's call during the night. Teddy assured me it would be better for me to sleep next to Robbie, Mrs. Johnson's boy toy.
Alex whispered in my ear, “Keep your knife under your pillow, you might need it”
Well now nervous and not knowing what was up, I slipped into the back of the tent and my warm cozy sleeping bag. Soon we were all asleep.

Around 2 am I felt something inside my bag. I was not sure, could it be a snake, or lizard? Then as I became fully awake I realized it was Robbie's hands, rubbing up and down my body. The reason I was chosen to sleep next to Robbie was the others wanted no part of him. My instincts took over and I slammed my elbow into his nose. Loud screams followed by cussing. Robbie grabbed his bag and headed for the car.
Later, after our trip, I found that Robbie was a convicted sex offender. He went into town and had his nose set in the morning. I had broken it. Robbie and Mr's Johnson were not seen again for four days.
They left us at the Lake. They took most of the food with them. Fortunately we had the boat and our fishing gear.

For the next few days we lived on crackers, marsh mellows, and fresh caught fish. The first two days were rough. We couldn't seem to catch any fish. A pond near the campsite was teaming with large frogs. Making some spears from twigs, we decided to try our luck at Frog hunting. After bagging two frogs we gave up and decided to find out how roasted frog legs were gonna taste. As we climbed out of the swamp grass onto the road, we heard a loud crashing noise in the brush, heading quickly toward us.
“Bear” yelled Teddy
“Run” yelled Alex
Freddie, was next to me, he pushed me in the direction of the noise and ran. Stunned, I did not know what to do, I didn't want to drop the frogs and lose them, but I sure as hell didn't want to meet a Bear.
Too late, in just fractions of a second, the brush blew open and this Huge furry head met me eye to eye. His large paws landing on each of my shoulders and forcing me onto my back on the ground. I could feel his hot steamy breath on my face. OMG I thought, I am dead!
Suddenly I felt his hot, wet tongue across my face. I opened my eyes to see the local neighbor's Giant Leonberger happily licking me. My heart was in my throat, but I began to laugh hysterically.
“You crazy dog” I shouted as I regained my feet and happily took the dog to our camp. My “friend's” were no where to be found. They had run to camp, jumped in the boat, forgetting the oars and headed out into the Lake.

The dog and I sat on a large rock and watched the three boys as they tried to maneuver the boat back to shore.

Stay tuned for Part two!
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that is the funniest story..but OMG. it looks like a bear for sure..

Hmm....anxiously awaiting the next section..sounds as though you had a very interesting trip so far.. :)

I sure did. Oh by the way, I found out the dog's name was "BEAR" lol

Aww, what a great story!! I'm totally lookin forward to Part 2!!

What an adventurous story. Now I can hardly wait for the next part!

Good story :). Now I really want another giant dog though, that guy looks way too adorable, lol.

I had never seen a dog that big in my entire life.
He was very friendly and loved kids. He would come over to our campsite at night and sleep near the fire pit. He even liked my cooking!

We had a St. Bernard when I was very young, he seemed sooo big. He was great, tho, would lay in the floor and let us climb all over him. I love dogs, the bigger the better.

I see!! lol

lol........sounds like you had an interesting trip. Looking forward to seeing how it ends.