Algonquin Adventure Part 2. A Search For Food!

Part 2

It turns out that the farmers dog was named “BEAR”. So I guess my encounter was with a “bear”.

I found out I don't care for frogs legs.
Yuck, sort of like fried chicken dipped in fish oil!
Bear loved them! lol
Well over the next few days we had to find food, figure out when Alex's Mom was coming back, and keep from being bored out of our minds. The nearest City was 60 miles away down a gravel road.

We finally developed a method of fishing that sort of worked. We tried every trick we could thing of, including using bugs and larva we found around the camp. Nothing seemed to work. Day three we tried using just a hook with a metal spinner tied to it. No bait.


Well it worked, we got a few strikes. So everyone switched to the metal spinners. We soon found the Gold ones did nothing, but the silver ones were hot! Fish for dinner, fish for breakfast and lunch too!  


Now we had to go fishing three times a day as we had no refrigeration and no cooler.
Well more than about two hours of fishing and we were bored. 

So on day four we had a knife throwing contest. We made a target out of some cardboard, hung it on a tree, and we were in business. We started out at twenty paces. Well we all sucked, so we moved in to 10 paces. After several rounds, it was down to me and Fred for the championship. I had altered my throw from a straight over hand toss to a side arm approach. It seemed to be working well. My first toss in the championship round missed the entire tree. Fred was next. His toss hit the tree and bounced off. Score zero to zero. My next toss I was a bit excited. Adrenalin was now flowing, I reached back and threw the knife as hard as I could.
Big mistake!
The knife struck the target, hitting the tree behind it with such force and just the perfect angle that the knife wrapped around the tree, then flung itself back at me due to the heavy steel handle. I was sort of off balance and only had one foot on the ground. The knife was headed right for my groin. I leaped as best I could and the knife struck my left knee cap. “Ouch” I screamed as I fell to the ground. I felt my leg getting hot. I looked down to see a hunting knife with a 7 inch blade suck in my knee cap!
My mind was racing! “Get it out” I screamed. “No, don't touch it” I heard Alex shout. “Get the first aid kit first” he instructed Fred.
“it's in the car” Fred informed us. So I took off my T-shirt. Grabbed the knife and pulled. Nothing! It wouldn't come out? I began to feel weak! All I could think of was the fact that we were 60 miles from a city, we had no phone, no car, no first aid kit. I was very much disliking Mrs. Johnson and her Boyfriend.
Alex and Fred grabbed hold of the knife and Tobby held my leg, and they pulled. Stuck! Then they wiggled it back and forth, soon it popped out. They wrapped my knee tightly with the t-shirt and they helped me back to camp. It turns out that the tip of the knife had bent over a bit, like a fish hook when it hit the tree. Then it lodged in the bone of my knee cap like that.

Hunting Knife

Part 3 A trip to town!
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Oh Lordy! Leave kids alone and something like this will happen. Poor hun!

Wow...the story keeps getting more interesting...I am ready for part 3..anxious to see just how you make it to town...