Why Did This Happen To Me :(

Yesterday me and my friends went to the mall for fun and we were wearing dresses. We went into elevator and there was so many people I was barely able to fit in the elevator. I felt something tugging on the back of my dresses thats when I relized my dress was caught in the door, I quickly turned around to try and get my dress out when everyone in the elevator started laughing at me because of my embarrassing leaprod print granny panties. I finaly got my dress free. Leah was laughing so hard I went up to her and pulled up her dress to show her pink granny panties and everyone started laughing at her.

When me and leah were walking around when two guys came up behind us and pulled our dresses up over us and we couldn't get free and then two guys gave us a wedgie and they were able to pull our stretchy panties over our heads giving us an atomic wedgie. And everyone started laughing at us then two big girls from school draged us Into the boys bathroom and hanged us on a hook and left us there. It took ten minutes for two nice and cute guys to get us down then we went home and tried to forget that experience but i couldn't.
lexywedgie16 lexywedgie16
26-30, F
Nov 29, 2012