When On A Treadmill...hold Onto Your Shorts!

You never know when you go to the gym, what may happen to you. This happened earlier in the fall, and it caused more than a little bit of embarrassment for me. It's something I probably wont forget very soon. I'm a 23 year old male, I don't go to the gym every day, maybe three times a week to do some cardio and weights. On this particular day, I was starting off my routine by doing about 10 minutes on a treadmill.

It was a busy time of the day so the room was pretty packed. I selected a treadmill next to an older gentleman. He must have been close to seventy, if not a little bit over. He was getting to the peak stage of his workout, and I did notice that he was struggling a little bit but I took no mind and paid attention to my workout only. I was about five minutes in and starting to pick up speed, when the old gentleman sorta lost his balance as his treadmill was slowing. He was falling in my direction, and guess who he decided to grab onto to break his fall. Why, me of course.

Except, he didn't just grab onto me. He grabbed my loose Underarmour workout shorts too and basically pulled them down to my ankles. This causes me to lose my balance, so down I go onto the floor with my shorts around my ankles, the entire room getting a nice view of my white workout briefs, which I like to wear to the gym. The old man was fine of course, he managed to grab the handle of my treadmill to keep him from falling on the floor too. And it didn't end there..

(By the way, the old man did apologize a couple times, but it wasn't exactly heartfelt, and I'm lucky I wasn't hurt actually. Just a couple of scratches, nothing major.)

Two teenage boys were working out directly behind me, and burst into laughter when they saw the fall. One guy a couple treadmills down the row came over to help me up but was trying to stifle laughter, as I embarrassingly pulled my shorts back up. Later, when I was in the locker room getting ready for a shower, some buff dude comes up to me and is like,

"I saw your fall man, wow tough luck about the shorts, maybe you'll think twice about wearing tighty whities next time. I would get some compression shorts."

I paraphrased, but it was something like that. I smiled and turned a little red and just thanked him as I wasn't quite sure what to say. Now whenever I go to the gym, I always think there are some people who saw what happened and are probably thinking theres the treadmill falling guy with his pants down.
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Jan 22, 2013