Vijazzle'S, Alcohol And Rock&Roll

So for ages I kept saying "I'm going to get a vijazzle" Just for the sh*ts and giggles of it, I thought it would be good! So one day my mum comes home with this Vijazzle kit.

The next evening my friends band where playing at a local place where rock up and coming rock bands play...

So Me and another friend thought we would pre-drink before we went and put this vijazzle on...

Once we got there I was a tad intoxicated and thought it would be brilliant to show everyone, Although Everyone found it funny and it was all a good laugh afterwards... Needless to say Just another story of my drunken antics to tell the grandchildren.

What a night! Tad embarrassing the morning after needless to say I made some great friends that night!

*Vijazzle Me Sally*
EWhovian EWhovian
18-21, F
Feb 17, 2013